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Manage, Secure and Gain Visibility of Your File Transfers

Everywhere you turn it feels like there’s a new data breach large and small catching organizations by surprise. In the digital era, agility and speed are requirements. But sacrificing security for speed is a tradeoff that organizations can’t afford to make.

This need for speed, while also ensuring security, extends into every aspect of the organization, including how we share and receive files both internally and outside of the organization. When transferring files, human error, lack of encryption, and lack of visibility into your data can open you and your organization up to the next security breach. At Progress MOVEit, we can help you meet those challenges head-on.

In this webinar you will learn:

-        Best practices to improve security in day-to-day transfers

-        The visibility needed in your Managed File Transfer to remain compliant

-        How to ensure your file transfer activities are secure and encrypted, end-to-end

-        And more!

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