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GigaOm: Dealing with Compliance Issues in the Cloud

Research brings together experts in cybersecurity and cloud and compliance, featuring GigaOm analyst Jon Collins and special guests from Progress Software, Tech Evangelist Gregory Mooney and Senior Solutions Engineer Andrew Lorandos. The discussion will focus on how to address the compliance issues caused by use of the public cloud, and what to do in both the short and medium term to minimize exposure.

Based on a recent ISC2 Report, the 3rd biggest concern for security professionals as it pertains to the cloud is compliance. In this 1-hour webinar, you will discover:

  • Why cloud-based compliance concerns are growing in the enterprise
  • How companies are grappling with cloud compliance issues
  • How to enhance your cloud security hygiene and help stay compliant

In summary, tune in to learn how you can address the very real issues of maintaining compliance in the cloud.

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