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A Day in the Life of a File


Data is created about us every second, about our finances, healthcare information, personal life - the list goes on. Not only is that data created, but it's then stored in every imaginable format without a second thought. What happens to our data from there? More importantly, how should that data be kept safe?

While it's impossible to completely eliminate risk, there are practical, viable steps that we can take to protect the most valuable ideas to our organizations, and to us.

Join us as our MOVEit file security experts share what a file might encounter throughout a 24-hour period and the steps to take in defense of your data.

In this webinar, we'll discuss:

  • The risk, movement, storage, and access of files
  • How to provide adequate security while maintaining compliance through audit logs
  • What is needed to securely connect high-value files to endpoints without an enterprise environment
  • The leading Managed File Transfer (MFT) applications available today

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