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Best Practices for Application Performance Monitoring

How to resolve intermittent performance problems

Resolving intermittent performance problems across your network consumes valuable time and resources. WhatsUp APM delivers a rapid root cause analysis tool for your trickiest of performance problems. In just a few minutes you can drill down from your network, servers, and into your applications to figure out what is really making the help-desk phone ring.

Monitor the performance of:

  • Operating systems such as Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, UNIX and HP-UX
  • Network Services such as DNS Port, FTP, POP3, IMAP4, Cisco Call Manager
  • Application Services such as Microsoft IIS & .NET, Oracle 10g, SSH
  • Virtual Servers, including VMWare
  • Web Servers
  • Email & Directory Servers

Download this complimentary ten minute toolkit to learn more about WhatsUp APM and how you can start using it in your environment today.

The toolkit includes:

  • Case Studies
  • Real World Examples
  • Datasheets and more