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Use WhatsConnected to automatically discover, map, search, inventory and document your entire IT infrastructure in minutes.

Use WhatsConnected to automatically discover, map, search, inventory and document your entire IT infrastructure – network devices, servers, workstations, deployed software, VMware virtual machines, VLANs and port-to-port connectivity – in minutes. With WhatsConnected, you can easily document your infrastructure inventory and generate topology and give your team the power to accurately visualize how everything on your network is connected.

Understanding Your Network

One of the initial steps to troubleshooting network issues is establishing whether device connectivity is the source of the problem. Without WhatsConnected, you have to manually document connectivity, interdependencies and the location of devices and systems. This tedious process requires significant time and effort to validate and document physical connectivity and keep topology information up-to-date. WhatsConnected automates this process for you, so you don’t have to crawl through wiring closets to visually verify connectivity and goes a step further to also discover, inventory and map your virtual network.

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Discovery and Mapping Solution

WhatsConnected moves far beyond typical IP discovery tools by assembling information from every device in the network and providing detailed topology maps. You’ll gain access to critical network information such as physical connectivity, device type, asset/inventory and configuration information as well as VMware discovery and classification. With WhatsConnected, you can gain an understanding of your network from top to bottom and focus on keeping it running securely and at peak performance. The tool’s comprehensive inventorying capabilities provide platform identification and classification for Routers, Switches, Wireless Access Points, Printers, Windows, Unix, Linux, Macintosh, Firewalls, Hubs, IP Phones and more from all the leading network manufacturers, including: Cisco/Linksys, Juniper, Foundry, HP Procurve, Nortel/Bay Networks, 3COM, Netgear, Dell, VMware and many more. WhatsConnected also provides full support for discovery and management of native IPv6 devices, native IPv4 devices, and dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 network environments.

Discover: Know What’s Connected to Your Network

WhatsConnected uses a number of innovative Layer 2/3 discovery technologies–including ARP, SNMP, SSH, Virtual Infrastructure Management, IP addressing, ICMP and LLDP in combination with vendor-proprietary mechanisms – to discover everything connected to your network and build a complete and accurate picture of network devices and their port-to-port connectivity. Full or partial discoveries can be scheduled to run automatically or run on-demand. And you’ll always be in control with alerts on added or removed devices and network topology changes.

Map: Visualize Your Network, the Way You Want

WhatsConnected auto-generates integrated Layer 2 and 3 topology maps that give you full visibility into physical, logical and virtual connectivity, including IP and VLAN-specific information. WhatsConnected dynamically updates its maps as changes occur in the network. Maps are easy to customize and manipulate so you can view your network the way you want. And with a mouse click, you can export them to Microsoft® Visio™ or PDF format.

Search: Pinpoint Specific Device Locations and Validate Their Connectivity in Seconds

Save precious time by using WhatsConnected to search and discover how devices are connected. With detailed device views, you can quickly zero-in to find out what’s connected to what. And, with built-in tools such as Layer 2 Trace and IP/MAC Finder, WhatsConnected offers the industry’s fastest approach to finding the location and validating connectivity of any device on the network.

Document: Ensure Your IT Infrastructure Inventory Is Complete and Up-To-Date

WhatsConnected provides comprehensive network inventory and configuration information – supporting the reporting/documentation needs of your internal business process (such as ITIL) and regulatory requirements like PCI DSS, SOX, FISMA and HIPAA. And since you can easily export this information in CSV or Excel formats, your entire team will know exactly what resources are on your network, where they are and how they are connected at all times – even when your network grows, your office moves or data center resources get consolidated.

Manage: Assets and Inventory

Gather, filter and export a wide variety of inventory and configuration information across networking devices and systems:

Networking Devices Asset Information

  • Manufacturer/Model, Serial Number, Hardware/Software/Firmware Versions, Chassis/Module Inventory, Power Supplies/Fans

Configuration Information

  • Interfaces, Bridge Ports, Switch Ports, VLANs

Systems Inventory

  • All available system component details (CPU, RAM, disks, etc.), OS version & patch information, any installed software packages, support for automatic update of warranty information (Dell and HP) based on integration with their support websites
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