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Signiant Manager+Agents

Secure, Accelerated File Transfer

Manager+Agents securely moves large files (>1GB) across large distances at speeds up to 200X faster than TCP.

What is Manager+Agents

Manager+Agents is an enterprise-class accelerated file transfer solution designed from the ground up to securely move large files (typically >1GB) across large distances at speeds up to 200X faster than TCP, without being impeded by network latency or packet loss. Manager+Agents uses Signiant’s acclaimed UDP-based proprietary transport protocol to minimize the impact of latency and packet loss and fully utilize available bandwidth across networks. Assured delivery is achieved with rich flow and error correction protocols.

Key Features

› Patented Acceleration Protocol: Delivers fast, reliable and secure movement of files over IP networks
› High Speed, Bandwidth-Efficient File Transfer: Up to 200X faster than FTP and TCP with 95+% network efficiency
› Firewall Friendly: UDP and TCP transport options
› Automatic Retry: Check-pointing and resume of partial or failed transfers
› Bandwidth Management Settings: Adjustable WAN accelerator aggressiveness, bandwidth ceiling and floor ranges based on time of day
› Encrypted Browser Sessions and File Transfers: Up to 256-bit AES encryption
› Certified Delivery: Provides digitally signed transfer for non-repudiation and proof of the integrity and origin of the data

How Manager+Agents Works

Centrally installed Manager software works with Agents installed on the sending and receiving ends to manage and track content movement and provide file delivery certification. Manager+Agents central database and policy-based architecture allow configuration information to be automatically propagated out to hundreds of thousands of endpoints. In contrast, with competing systems an administrator needs to touch each endpoint for individual configuration. This distinction isn’t a major factor for a small number of endpoints, but it is a huge differentiator for a large-scale global deployment. This solution has the greatest impact for large files (typically >1GB) traveling over long distances through high-bandwidth connections.

Core Components

MOVEit Transfer: A secure repository that allows users to securely exchange critical business data and sensitive files externally while eliminating third party access to your internal network. Ensures delivery to the intended recipients, docu-ments transfer activities with a tamper-evident audit trail and enables a compliant workflow for exchanging sensitive files.

MOVEit Automation: An intuitive, easy to use automation engine enables users to schedule data workflows to align with critical business operations. The simple interface empowers users to easily develop tasks and workflows without ad-vanced programming skills. Push and pull files to/from any FTP, Unix, email, file shares or file server.

Manager: Manager software performs all administration, control and reporting of system activity as well as orchestrating the execution of jobs. Users interact with the Manager through a Web-based interface for administration, system con-figuration, establishing jobs and automating tasks, managing current system activity and reporting.

Agents: Installed on remote servers, Agent software executes file movement, notifications and interoperability with third-party software and systems. File movement occurs from Agent to Agent, and these can be deployed as a single node or load-balanced cluster.

Relay Agents: Enables firewall traversal and isolation of content from external networks. (Content is not stored on Relay Agents).

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