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MOVEit Transfer API

The MOVEit API interface and clients offer third-party programs (including Web applications) programmatic access to a wide variety of MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Cloud File Transfer services and administrative capabilities.

Create, transfer and delete files, messages and Web form postings

  • Create, manage and delete users, folders and permissions
  • Securely store files, messages and Web form postings
  • Run pre-defined reports and create and run custom reports
  • Utilize the built-in MOVEit user database
  • Retrieve detailed status and report data about the above

Third-party control of MOVEit services and administrative functions requires use of a locally installed copy of the MOVEit Transfer API Java class or the MOVEit Transfer API Windows COM component. The API Java class is typically used by Java programs and requires Sun Java v.1.4.2 or higher (v.1.5 preferred). The class comes with a precompiled, standard FTP-like command-line client interface for use by mainframe JCL, Unix/Linux shell scripts, and local operating system schedulers like Cron.

The API COM component can be used by ASP.NET, ASP, Access, C++, .NET, SQL Server DTS, Office, C#, VB, VBScript and others on Windows Vista Business Edition/XP/2000/2003/2008. The API COM component comes with a precompiled, standard FTP-like command-line client interface that can be used by FTP/FTPS scripts and batch files, as well as by the Windows Event Scheduler.

Access to MOVEit Transfer or MOVEit Cloud via its API interface requires prior authorization and authentication with a valid username and one or more factors (a password, HTTPS client certificate and/or IP address). All communications between the API interface and its API clients are protected by the 256-bit SSL encrypted, firewall-friendly HTTPS protocol, which uses only a single firewall port (443).

All file transfers between the API interface and its API clients receive automatic SHA1 integrity checks and automatic transfer retry and resume for file Non-Repudiation and Guaranteed Delivery.

The MOVEit API also enables management of SSH keys and SSL certificates. Programmers can use the COM or Java API for programmatic SSH key and SSL certificate management. SSH keys and SSL certificates can be automatically imported, added, removed, and listed to user accounts.

The MOVEit API interface is a separately priced and licensed option that permits unlimited use of the interface and the MOVEit API Java class, the COM component and their command-line interfaces. The API interface is activated by a special license key that is provided by Ipswitch.

The API interface is available as an option for MOVEit Transfer and built into the Cloud deployment with MOVEit Cloud.

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