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WhatsUp IP Address Manager

WhatsUp IP Address Manager automates the discovery, documentation and management of your IP space.

Why do organizations need IP Address Management (IPAM)?

The proliferation of IP telephones, mobile computers, and virtual machines has made the planning, allocating and managing of IP addresses more complex and critical. A mismanaged IP space can cause network outages, increase troubleshooting time, or cripple an otherwise healthy network. Enterprise-ready IPAM products simplify IP address management by automating previously manual tasks and provide visibility into IP utilization, duplicate IP Addresses and enable the correlation of IP addresses to devices historically. WhatsUp IP Address Manager relieves the risk factors from the Network Administrator by automating the tedious tasks associated with IP address management.

Introducing WhatsUp IP Address Manager

WhatsUp IP Address Manager is an enterprise-ready IP Address Management solution. WhatsUp IP Address Manager automates the discovery, documentation and management of your IP space and provides visibility into DHCP/DNS server configurations, IP Address utilization across subnets and device-to-IP Address associations.

WhatsUp IP Address Manager stops the chaos of manually managing your IP space with error-prone spreadsheets and unreliable home-grown databases.

WhatsUp IP Address Manager – What it can do for you

  • Inventory your entire address space –error-free– with automated scanning
  • Identify IP address duplicates across subnets
  • Make historical IP address to device associations effortlessly
  • Get up-to-date visibility into IP address utilization
  • Easily locate an IP address utilizing any of its attributes
  • Categorize and report on devices by type automatically
  • Discover subnet allocations and IP address assignments as they currently exist
  • Gain visibility into Microsoft DHCP and Cisco IOS DHCP servers from a single tool
  • Determine root cause of IP space problems utilizing and integrated toolset
  • Identify forgotten DHCP servers


Conflict Prevention

WhatsUp IP Address Manager helps to reduce IP Address conflicts by giving you up-to-date visibility into your IP space. IP Address conflicts can cripple an otherwise healthy network. Being able to discern appropriate duplicate IP Addresses from misconfigurations is a critical facet of maintaining a healthy IP space.

Scheduled Scanning

Management of your IP space begins with visibility. Visibility is achieved through comprehensive discovery. WhatsUp IP Address Manager enables you to schedule the recurring discovery your subnets on a timetable that gives you the visibility you need to mitigate IP related risks.


WhatsUp IP Address Manager pairs its robust scanning capabilities with powerful out-of-the-box reporting. Effortlessly generate reports and easily share them with your team. Visibility into Available IP Addresses, Managed IP Addresses, IP History, and DHCP leases supports a cohesive and well executed IP space management strategy.

Historical Tracking

WhatsUp IP Address Manager enables you to historically correlate IP addresses with devices to see how certain properties have changed over time. Historical Tracking of an IP Address is only a right-click away.

Subnet Calculator

Organize your IP space into optimally sized subnets with the built-in Subnet Calculator. Enter your superset and subnet size and the Subnet Calculator will generate the right-sized subnet options for your network.


Guard against downtime with proactive alerting. Get alerts on IP space issues such as IP Address status changes and subnet utilization exceeding a specified threshold before uptime and end users are negatively impacted.

Standalone Application

WhatsUp IP Address Manager is available as a standalone application. Unlike some standalone IPAM products that offer essential capabilities from separate applications (e.g. scheduling tasks and reporting), WhatsUp IP Address Manager integrates them. There’s no need to step out of the product, configure a task, then step back into the product to implement it. WhatsUp IP Address Manager is self-contained, easy to setup and easy to use from day one.


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