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Sumerian Transfers Client Data Easily, Reliably, and Securely with MOVEit

Sumerian uses Ipswitch’s MOVEit MFT Server and MOVEit Central to automate and manage client file transfers.

Looking for a More Capable File Transfer Solution

Founded in Scotland in 2002, Sumerian works with leading global enterprises to help improve the performance and efficiency of their operational IT, ‘de-risking’ decisions about their future capacity and infrastructure, and reducing their costs. It does so using unique IT analytics capabilities that Sumerian has developed over the years. The company’s analytics software requires regular input of client IT performance data, information that is proprietary and highly sensitive.

Sumerian employed a home-grown, legacy file transfer application based on Open SSH, but the software was cumbersome to use and lacked many of the enhanced security, visibility and reporting capabilities that the company required. These capabilities were necessary to meet future SLA’s and client compliance requirements (especially for financial services institutions). And having ISO 2700 certification, Sumerian is especially security-conscious, particularly when it comes to secure file transfers.

Sumerian Recognizes Technical Excellence

Sumerian helps its clients achieve IT excellence - efficiency, cost-effectiveness, risk-avoidance – by helping them optimize their infrastructures. Sumerian also demands excellence in its own IT infrastructure, and it makes careful choices about the technology it puts in place for its own use and for clients. Sumerian uses Ipswitch’s MOVEit MFT Server and MOVEit Central to automate and manage client file transfers. “At Sumerian, we prize reliability, and that’s what we’ve found with Ipswitch,” says Senior Systems Engineer Dean Grant. “We know that we can rely on MOVEit, and our clients can as well. We know that it’ll work as advertised, and that if we have a problem, Ipswitch will resolve it quickly and professionally.”

MOVEit Provides the Ease of Use, Reliability, and Visibility that Sumerian Requires

Managing the transfer of confidential systems performance data

Sumerian’s analytics software takes client systems performance and event-driven data – log files from IT systems – to determine whether an organization is over- or under-provisioned, and to predict capacity requirements. The data used is client-proprietary and highly confidential. Secure delivery, with data encrypted at transit and at rest, is essential, especially to the many financial services organizations that Sumerian works with.

Manually transferring large amounts of raw data clients create is time consuming and subject to human errors of omission and commission: individuals might forget to perform a task, go on holiday, make a mistake. In addition, a manual approach makes it impossible to optimize the client-side process and reduce administrative burdens.

Secure managed file transfer with MOVEit MFT Server, task automation with MOVEit Central

Sumerian solves all of those concerns with MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ) for secure managed file transfer. Sumerian clients manually transferring files use MOVEit’s intuitive web-based interface. Regular data extractions from client systems are automated through MOVEit Central or, for highly custom tasks, using the MOVEit API. All data are processed through MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ), which acts as a gateway to Sumerian’s analytics engine. While in transit or at rest, sensitive computer systems data are encrypted, using FIPS 140-2 validated AES protocols. MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ) also enables Sumerian to enforce user, system, and file security policies. Receiver authentication and delivery confirmation, alongside reports from a secure, tamper-evident database, help Sumerian meet client SLAs and compliance requirements.

Sumerian further enhances its ability to meet SLA and compliance requirements by automating regular and event-driven (based on triggers) file transfer tasks using MOVEit Central. MOVEit Central’s powerful yet easy to use interface simplifies the process of defining business workflows– no scripting required. MOVEit Central ensures the predictable, secure delivery of business files, substantially reducing the client side administrative burden. MOVEit is used by both Sumerian clients and the company’s data management team. With little management overhead, and automated file transfers, MOVEit can save one-to-two hours each day. MOVEit reporting also provides Sumerian data management personnel visibility into workflows, e.g., the ability to monitor expected file counts and breakdowns of the number of files actually received.

Sumerian gives high marks to Ipswitch for the ease of use and reliability of MOVEit. “We had a recent IT audit,” Grant said, “And that opened up an opportunity to re-evaluate all of the systems and tools we have in place. With our Ipswitch solution, we saw no reason whatsoever to look for an alternative.”


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