Case Study

Sciforma Uses WS_FTP to Securely Support Customers Worldwide

WS_FTP Server was the obvious choice to meet Sciforma’s requirements for an intuitive file transfer product that ensured user privacy and empowered staff to resolve client issues worldwide.

The Challenge

Sciforma Corporation has been providing advanced project and process management software solutions and services to a worldwide customer base since 1982. When customers need to collaborate with each other across multiple geographical locations it becomes imperative that file and database privacy as well as a simple, secure means with which to communicate are in place.

Sciforma needed an intuitive, secure file transfer product that ensured user privacy and empowered support staff to resolve client issues throughout the world.

The Solution

Rob DeVenuto, Senior Account Executive for Sciforma, had begun to look at alternate FTP products to replace his current FTP server. “We had looked around at a few other choices but we had been a previous user of WS_FTP Professional and had success so WS_FTP Server was a serious contender right off the bat,” he explains. “After testing it, we decided we didn’t need to look any further.”

Sciforma’s customer list is a who’s who of household names from around the world, and their expectations are high when it comes to the security of their information. Once WS_FTP Server was in place, Sciforma was able to assign user or group permissions for creating directories, uploading, downloading, deleting, and renaming files. Users are then locked into their home folder so they can’t navigate outside of their home directory structure. “With WS_FTP Server you couldn’t get much simpler, yet it’s very secure,” said DeVenuto. “WS_FTP Server has a very clean interface. I’ve never had to crack open the user’s guide. It’s intuitive.”

WS_FTP Server has the strongest possible encryption, authentication, access control, and integrity checking on the market, so DeVenuto was not only satisfied he had made the right choice to protect Sciforma’s clients but was able to spend more time working on key tasks. “WS_FTP Server’s security and permissions, ease of use, and flexibility are the keys that allow me to work on other projects. It’s a real time-saver.”


WS_FTP Server’s ability to utilize existing High Availability infrastructure to group multiple servers for redundancy and distribution of workload also proved to be instrumental for Sciforma when one of their servers crashed. “When we had a hard drive failure which took out the primary server for a full day we had to rebuild it using the backup server,” explains DeVenuto. “It took a lot of the stress out of the process because the backup server had been populated using WS_FTP Server. The ability to easily synchronize multiple servers is key. You can synch two different folder directories using two different views on your screen so as you move from one directory to another you can easily see that you aren’t uploading to the wrong directory. We often have to upload to different websites so WS_FTP Server really simplifies that process.” Additionally, DeVenuto notes, creating user-explicit FTP directories for each support representative specific to their customers is most definitely in the works for Sciforma. Representatives will be able to narrow log data by user, client IP address, as well as error message, and create rules that automatically trigger email and/or text alerts and launch external programs.

Faster FTP transfers and scalability is another reason Sciforma chose WS_FTP Server. “One of our clients was at a critical point in developing a schedule when they contacted our support representatives for assistance,” says DeVenuto. “Support requested a copy of their database file in order to analyze the needs of the client. It was too big to email so they used WS_FTP to send it to us. Within 24 hours we were able to analyze the results and come back to them with a solution.”

Having a global client base means customers are accessing Sciforma’s network around the clock. This means Sciforma needs to be creative when scheduling updates to the system or website. “One of the really cool features of WS_FTP Server is the ability to create synchronized tasks,” says DeVenuto. “I have a whole series scheduled — they run on a nightly basis. We just internationalized our website so the synch feature allowed us to schedule jobs when our customers outside North America weren’t using the servers and upload jobs to the website during off hours.”

Sciforma’s consistent success with WS_FTP Server is appreciated by DeVenuto, he says the staff doesn’t even know it exists. “Internal employees are unaware that we’re even using WS_FTP Server. People just expect file transfer to work — and it always does.”


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