Case Study

Dürr AG

Dürr AG Appreciates the Reliability and Data Security of MOVEit HA

With a user base of 10,000 containing a large amount of private data (such as development ideas and personal customer information) the Stuttgart, Germany-based engineering firm Dürr Systems AG requires a file transfer system with a streamlined process but is also reliable and expandable for a business of its size. To solve this, Dürr implemented Progress® MOVEit® Transfer High Availability into its Microsoft Azure servers, enabling the engineering firm to increase system performance, and automate and digitize the data transfer process across servers without trouble.

“All the solutions we looked at before were so complicated that it felt like you needed a doctorate for them. With MOVEit, administration and operation is easy to handle and the system still offers many possibilities. That’s why we wanted to stick with this system.”

-- Martin Kaiser, System Engineer, Dürr AG