Case Study

Proactive Performance Monitoring Needed for Telecommunications Firm

Using WhatsUp Gold's network analysis functionality and VoIP monitor, Desca's IT team improves its abilities to anticipate network problems.

Desca is a multinational company with more than 50 years of experience in the development of Engineering, Networking, and Telecommunications solutions. Part of the Spanish Amper group, Desca operates in 22 countries and has a strong presence in Latin America.

From its Regional Operations Center in Colombia, Desca monitors and manages a large number of clients in various industries, such as banking and insurance, petroleum, services, government, energy, and manufacturing. They provide support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, the company has more than 70 contracts with 45 clients from the United States to Argentina, who speak Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

Why Desca chose WhatsUp Gold

“We had tried several solutions previously,” says Rubén Castrillón, Desca’s Regional Service Manager. “We found that they had limitations, such as low performance and problems managing or mastering the tool. We chose WhatsUp Gold because it is easy to manage and user friendly. We went with it because of the speed of response when requesting quotes and the support provided by Ipswitch’s local partner in Colombia. The cost/benefit ratio was favorable to us. That factor weighed heavily in our decision.”

WhatsUP Gold helps Desca collaborate with clients

With Ipswitch’s network management solution, Desca works with a team of 30 engineers and approximately 1900 devices offering constant monitoring to identify and report alarms, incidents and client requirements, manage alerts and prepare regular management reports.

“We provide continuous follow-up in collaboration with our clients. The relationship is fluid and one of trust. For approximately eight years we have been innovating in the area of service methodology and the results have always been positive”, states Castrillón.

Castrillón adds that training requirements are simple, within the reach of any engineer, and that ongoing technical support is available. “This is an adaptable and multi-vendor platform network that facilitates the daily work of our engineering teams,” he adds.

Desca licenses and solutions:

  • WhatsUp Gold licenses for 2500 devices
  • Remote licenses: (six separate licenses) for about 300 devices
  • Flow Monitor
  • VoIP Monitor
  • Log Management 10.1 for correlating events

“We currently have Ipswitch’s most complete tool. It is a distributed version for 2500 nodes, with high availability. We also use an additional ten licenses for clients. In addition, one of the key points regarding this tool is that it does not require much internal or manufacturer support. That saves a considerable amount of time. Our engineers have hardly ever reported any issues with the service. And when they have, the WhatsUp Gold support personnel have always provided timely remote assistance. The cases were resolved on time.”

Most important benefits for Desca:

  1. Reliability of alarms.
  2. Stability. The tool does not lock up, and it operates efficiently.
  3. Cost/benefit ratio.

Examples of the efficiency of the Whats Up Gold solution with Desca clients:

  • Grupo Aval in Colombia: 24x7 performance management of equipment and transmission of alerts and monthly reports.
  • Movistar Venezuela: the client has a WhatsUp Gold console at its facilities. The company monitors and manages all of its equipment (1100 devices), and uses the information to prepare management reports.


“I feel like Ipswitch is very attentive to the needs of its clients. WhatsUp Gold is a tool with huge potential, and we think that it can grow a lot more,” Castrillón said in closing.


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