Case Study

CENIT AG Improves Customer Satisfaction and Makes It Easier to Transport Large Amounts of Data Thanks to MOVEit

CENIT AG needed a smart solution for quickly and securely exchanging large amounts of data with their customers. The solution also had to make sure that authorized user files can be downloaded from a server which automatically removes access when finished.

The Story

CENIT is a consulting and software specialist that has been optimizing the business processes of customers since 1988 with a focus on Product Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Information Management, Application Management Services and Business Optimization & Analytics. CENIT employs more than 720 people worldwide and clients include Allianz, BMW, Daimler, EADS Airbus, LBS, Metro, AXA and VW. The headquarters of CENIT are located in Stuttgart, Germany. It also has an office in Detroit which services the American market. Further locations include Switzerland, France and Romania. Their subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan was founded in 2011 to service the Asian market.

“Our various business divisions want project data to be transferred as efficiently as possible without any red tape – at the same time, the IT team wants to have the highest level of security”, said Michael Manea, Team Leader, IT Support, CENIT. “We decided on MOVEit in order to meet the requirements of both sides.”

Previously CENIT had been using a simple FTP server with lower security standards. The problem: the various divisions couldn’t administer this themselves and user accounts were not automatically deleted after a successful download.

CENIT evaluated several products in terms of user-friendliness, ease of administration and whether they could be integrated into the existing IT structure without too much effort. The outcome: most IT solutions need additional approval from each IT department in order to send data of a specific size. This requires a lot of effort on the part of both IT and employees, so instead they use a private email program or external storage in order to transfer data.

However, this means that the company has no control over how the data leaves the company and if it will safely reach the recipient. This is exactly what CENIT wanted to avoid because they wanted to provide users with a secure and direct way to transfer data that was easy to use.

Transferring Large Volumes of Data with MOVEit

CENIT decided to go with Progress® MOVEit® because this solution makes it possible to transfer large files, it protects files from unauthorized access and it keeps a record of all transactions. Implementation was done in two phases: First, CENIT and its reseller Envision Software installed MOVEit Transfer (formerly MOVEit DMZ), which is a managed file transfer server, to replace the old FTP server. Second, CENIT installed MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer.

Envision provided support during the test phase and within a month they produced a proof-of-concept for MOVEit Transfer. “CENIT implemented the solution themselves later. Within a month, data was migrated across and the new server was installed. “We were there to provide support if needed but didn’t actually need to get involved operationally”, said Peter Scharkowski, Managing Director, Envision Software.

Compatible with Microsoft Outlook

MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer makes it easy to do person-to-person file transfers via a web browser and integrates seamlessly into business email programs such as Microsoft Outlook. Customers can also customize the interface and the look of the application to fit their corporate design. MOVEit records all transactions and access. It also secures file transfer. Additionally, CENIT sets up download accounts for its customers that meet legal and internal requirements for security and compliance. These accounts are automatically deleted after a user-defined time following a successful download.

Customer Satisfaction Significantly Higher

CENIT and its customers now transfer important business data exclusively via MOVEit. Every month the server handles on average 50 to 60 GB of data. Each customer has their own personal directory with read/write access and uses about 5 GB on the MOVEit Transfer server with exchange via Ad Hoc at about 50MB. “We really love this solution because it has made working with data so much easier for employees and our customers”, said Michael Manea. “The settings menu isn’t crowded and is easy to use. Users can quickly find their way and with just a few clicks can get to where they want to be.”

Both CENIT and their clients save time with support and data transfer thanks to MOVEit. “A lot of tasks like setting up download accounts and controlling user accounts can now be done by the individual departments – only on rare occasions does IT have to get involved,” adds Michael Manea.


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