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Case Study

Automated File Transfer Helps SECU of North Carolina

Swapping out custom scripts and an FTP server with managed file transfer increases automation, security, and cost savings.

Swapping out custom scripts and an FTP server with managed file transfer increases automation, security, and cost savings.

The State Employee Credit Union (SECU) of North Carolina has a mission to provide the best possible online financial services to its 2 million members. In order to better meet that mission, the IT team at SECU knew they needed to solve its serious problems transferring data between different systems and locations. They relied on scripts patched together with custom software, and the results were predictably lacking.

Improving Business Workflows and the Bottom Line

Robert Skinner, team lead of distributed systems at SECU, was focused increasing the response rate to customers’ requests online. His department works with other teams that have to move files internally and externally. A productivity increase in distributed systems meant there would be a productivity increase throughout the entire infrastructure.

Robert examined the workflows of other departments, particularly when and how they needed to transfer data. One workflow that he knew could improve was home loan closing, where delays in data exchange can affect sales. He set out to reduce IT complexity in order to increase the credit union’s speed of business.

Still, before Robert was capable of improving the home loan closing process directly, it was vital to understand the challenges and limitations of the current system.

Challenges and Limitations

SECU’s IT challenges centered around custom scripts and FTP servers that created an unreliable way to transfer data to FTP clients. His team needed to better meet compliance standards for data protection along with upholding SECU’s own risk management and IT security policies

“The level of compliance that we live up to requires that all data be protected, be securely moved, as well as have an audit trail of when things are moved and who touches different pieces of what information.”
- Robert Skinner, team lead for distributed systems, SECU

Knowing the importance of meeting compliance standards and how speed and reliability could improve workflow, Robert set out to find a tool to get the job done.

File Management That Emphasizes Security and Ease of Use

Robert searched for the right solution and discovered Progress® MOVEit® Managed File Transfer software that emphasized security and ease of use. MOVEit allows Robert and his team to streamline the process of moving data across locations and systems. As a result, his IT team at SECU created an automated IT environment that focuses on speed, reliability and security.

MOVEit is an externally facing environment for securely transferring documents and files. Using an interface similar to modern consumer cloud products, SECU employees required little training to learn how to use the product. MOVEit now moves files throughout SECU’s secure internal network, creating a useful audit trail and ongoing security.

SECU’s business processes now have increased response times and decreased processing times, which creates improved services and reduces overhead costs. SECU uses workflow automation that allows for centralization and control of which accounts are moving files, along with which ones were moving between servers.

Credit Union Saves Six Figures a Month with Streamlined Home Loan Process

Robert was able to leverage his MOVEit deployment to dramatically improve the speed of home loan closing, a process that involves external lawyers. Instead of having to physically send and receive documents, the lawyers can now download and upload documents online, and much more easily make deadlines.

The lawyers and SECU employees receive alerts when documents are ready, substantially reducing the processing time for home loan closing. As a result, SECU saves $100,000 a month due to increased efficiently and workflows.

“We’re able to complete transactions, not have people sit around waiting for something to physically show up. They know when they get an email, the file is here, now they can go ahead and process it. “ - Robert Skinner, SECU
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