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Secure Healthcare File Transfer

Transferring clinical data from one facility to another? Sending rich-media medical files to an attending physician? You'll need to do it securely and in compliance with HIPAA.

Managed File Transfer Key to Meeting Healthcare Security Requirements

Transferring clinical data from one facility to another? Sending rich-media medical files such as ultrasound video to an attending physician? Large imaging files like MRIs or CT Scans? Or exchanging important data with external sources such as health plans, pharmacies, insurance companies, doctors' offices and Medicare? In every case, your proficiency at transferring files quickly and securely impacts the health of patients, the livelihoods of medical professionals, and the success of your healthcare organization. And of course, the work involved in secure healthcare file transfer is also a key factor in your own professional standing and well-being.

Problem is, today's healthcare organizations are often relying on outdated legacy systems–which make it more difficult than ever to maintain compliance with every federal, state and third-party regulation as you transfer files and perform other IT functions. The unique pressures that time-sensitive healthcare demands place on these systems are enormous. Make no mistake: the automated, integrated movement of files is the crux of the matter.

You're not alone in the challenges you face as you seek to maximize the effectiveness of your secure healthcare file transfer systems–and to meet government compliance regulations. Many other IT professionals in the healthcare industry are facing similar challenges and share in the pains you're experiencing.

The good news is that there is a solution–an enterprise-class Managed File Transfer (MFT) system–which allows you to meet your growing (and increasingly complex) file transfer needs. It can be delivered to your doorstep neatly and simply. And it enables you to transfer files reliably and securely, meet your all-important compliance requirements, eliminate manual workflows, and provide end users with an IT-approved solution for sending files. MFT also guarantees you visibility and control over all file transfer activities, enables you to confidently meet your SLAs, and provides you with easy implementation/onboarding.


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