Best Practices

Network Monitoring Software

 It is best practice to install a network monitoring solution to provide better visibility into the network and to make it easier to maintain and troubleshoot.

Network monitoring software acts as the eyes and ears of your network operations, giving network administrators the ability to effectively maintain and scale an organization's critical network assets safely and efficiently. Network monitoring software actively oversees the performance of the network and every networked device – including routers, switches, firewalls, access points, servers, applications and more – and delivers that data to an administrator's dashboard with clear baselines and alerts. It is best practice to install a network monitoring solution to provide better visibility into the network and to make it easier to maintain and troubleshoot network, server and application performance issues.

Network Performance (wired and wireless) Automatically discover your entire network with Layer 2/3 discovery
Routers Create an informative map of your network assets
Switches Provide real-time visibility with network dashboards
Servers (physical and virtual) Offer performance baselines and issue configurable alerts
Applications Publish reports for compliance and meeting SLAs

WhatsUp Gold is one such network monitoring software solution. From a single pane of glass, you can proactively monitor and manage your entire infrastructure – including physical assets such as servers as well as virtual machines. WhatsUp Gold provides automated discovery, mapping, monitoring, alerting and reporting on business-critical assets including servers, networks and applications. On the monitoring side, WhatsUp Gold network monitoring software uses active and passive monitors to proactively track the status and health of all network devices.

The monitoring solution also leverages the built-in Alert Center, a consolidation of alerts, notifications and alert acknowledgments, to proactively notify network admins of device status once a configurable threshold has been reached. In addition, the Alert Center makes sure monitoring is always top priority by escalating alerts up to management based on the criticality of the device in question.

In addition, monitoring in WhatsUp Gold is further enhanced by robust out-of-the-box reporting – there are over 200 customizable reports that give admins complete visibility into the health and performance of a network. With dashboards, the admin can view real-time data the way it makes sense to the business for quick analysis of business-critical information.

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