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How to Stay Ahead of Network Vulerabilities

Every IT team has to stay ahead of network vulnerabilities, especially those with a lot at stake. Below we showcase how a casino keeps its network properly configured to keep the back door shut tight along with a video on automated configuration management.

Don't Gamble With Network Configuration

Read how one of our solution engineers discovered a back door created by an IT consultant who was preparing to rob the casino blind. The casino’s IT team now archives every network configuration that complies with their internal security policies and schedules regular audits to ensure that every compliant network configuration has not be altered.

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Bottom Line

Casinos spend millions just to make sure no one cheats at blackjack and other gambling tables. Yet for a lack of a low cost network monitoring solution, a malicious insider can get into the back door easier than he can order a watered-down cocktail.

Guided Tour: Configuration Management

Take a guided tour to see how you can secure your network with an automated configuration and change management tool that archives and audits configurations, and alerts and reports on any changes.