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How to Avoid Downtime and Keep Operations Running with Network Monitoring

Considering that industrial robots keep production moving at Klein Steel, a systems failure would cause everything to come to a grinding halt. Below we showcase this steel manufacturer’s network monitoring success story and a video on delivering continuous availability through network topology maps and performance analysis.

Keeping Robots Online All the Time

The IT team at Klein Steel needs to manage more than just servers and standard devices, their environment also includesrobots, lasers and high-power water jets. The manufacturing company is able to keep their production line flowing without interruption by delivering continuous availability with WhatsUp Gold network monitoring from Ipswitch.

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Bottom Line

“Knowing that something is broken and being able to fix it before users are affected is the holy grail of IT.” – Rob Smura, Klein Steel

Guided Tour: Creating Network Topology Maps

Take a guided tour to see how automatically generated network topology maps provide critical visibility into continuous physical and IP availability, as well as the ability to drill down to view performance statistics for wired and wireless networks.