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How to Achieve High Availability and Meet SLAs with Managed File Transfer

IT teams, especially those in regulated industries, must protect files in transit and at rest. Below we showcase West Corporation’s success with using managed file transfer technology to deliver high availability AND security with a video on on delivering high availability while meeting service level agreements (SLAs).

Available AND Secure File Transfer

Read why West Corporation depends upon the reliable transfer of sensitive files to their customers and partners and how self-service, security, and compliance drove the need to implement managed file transfer technology.

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Bottom Line

“High availability of our file transfer operations are critical to our customers and our business”.

– Diane Townsend, Information Services Manager at West.

Guided Tour: High Availability for Managed File Transfer

Many of our customers are required to deliver upon SLAs with their partners, vendors and customers. If they cannot, they can be fined thousands of dollars per instance. Take our guided tour to see how you can meet high availability requirements for managed file transfers and your SLAs.