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The power of automation in staggeringly flexible software that helps manufacturing IT teams shine.


Monitor Critical Applications, Systems and Workstations

Our IT monitoring products provide powerful, easy to use and continuous application, server and network monitoring from a single unified console. Gain end-to-end insight to wireless networks, physical and virtual servers, Microsoft and Linux app stacks and Java apps. Find and fix problems before they impact users and assure prioritized bandwidth for critical apps and services.

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Compliance Report Automation

Simplify the audit process. Instantly document all file transfer activities. Get the visibility and control you need to automate SLA and compliance reporting and simplify the audit process. Create custom reports or use over 50 out-of-the-box templates. Drag-and-drop elements to organize presentation of key metrics to validate compliance with SLA, regulatory and governance policies.

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Saudi Arabian Glass Company (SAGCO) Monitors Networks

Every day, with 24x7 regularity, a highly automated manufacturing plant produces about 1000 tons of glass bottles. The IT team must deliver unbroken access to the network while additionally supporting the warehouses and business offices spread over SAGCO’s 16 network distributions. That’s why Saudi Arabian Glass Company monitors its network with WhatsUp Gold.

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