Cisco Partnerships

Deployed on more than 100,000 networks around the world, network engineers rely on WhatsUp Gold to help them monitor and manage their infrastructures, troubleshoot problems, and resolve performance issues.

Ipswitch has partnered with Cisco on their Smart Business Architecture initiative, which delivers comprehensive network design and management of medium size networks (250-1,000 users). Incorporating three interdependent components, network foundation, network services, and user services, the Smart Business Architecture provides real business value to Cisco partners by providing solutions that are fast to deploy, cost-effective, and flexible in their approach.

Ensuring Optimal Performance with WhatsUp Gold

The combined Cisco and WhatsUp Gold solution provides network configuration, monitoring, and management capabilities across the infrastructure, from end-to-end. Comprehensive and easy to use, WhatsUp Gold’s management platform is the perfect fit for a Smart Business Architecture network. A powerful, proactive monitoring solution, WhatsUp Gold scales to manage networks of all sizes, but is particularly well suited for SMBs with a feature set that provides real business value.

Intuitive to use, WhatsUp Gold makes it easy to manage device configurations; track infrastructure behavior; identify, preempt, and even prevent instances of network and application degradation; and allocate team resources efficiently with prioritized network management – assuring the optimal performance of business networks.

Together, the Cisco Smart Business Architecture and WhatsUp Gold can help you grow a profitable Cisco practice and deliver a superior end-user experience. We invite you to find out more and download the  Managing Cisco Smart Business Architecture with Progress® WhatsUp® Gold Deployment Guide.

CiscoWorks and WhatsUp Gold: 
A Perfect Combination of Tools for Growing Networks

After evaluating other network monitoring products, Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in networking systems for the Internet, chose WhatsUp Gold to include in their CiscoWorks and Cisco netManager Unified Communications solutions. Why? The reasons are simple. WhatsUp Gold provides superior mapping, monitoring, and notification capabilities, and it integrates seamlessly with CiscoWorks and Cisco netManager applications so users are guaranteed a total network management solution. These factors, coupled with Ipswitch's long history of providing quality Internet solutions, make WhatsUp Gold a perfect companion.