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(Reviews as of August 2019)


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It's our go-to product when we have network issues.

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Very flexible, very easy to add devices.

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The move to (new licensing) was great! I am able to chop up my license the way I see fit to build a customized monitoring solution.

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We were able to monitor and maintain all the command and control vehicle networks.

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I love WhatsUp Gold!

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Go for it - buy it!

Quotes from customer reviews


Quick and Easy to Set Up and Use

"The software is easy to configure. Once configured, it doesn't require much attention besides when adding new devices."
"It is very easy to set up the various alerts and objects. The GUI is easy to navigate and intuitive to use."
"I have used this product for many years with nothing but great success. It's very easy to configure and provides great insight to your network. I always know if a services or device is down and this allows me to provide 24x7 support to my company."


Complete Visibility into Network Operations

"When you have a lot of servers and a lot of websites and your college administrators are demanding that they be up 95% of the time or better, you need a good monitoring tool. WhatsUp Gold is the best tool I've found out there, bar none."
"I could not do my job effectively without this tool. I know 24 hours a day the status of my servers and network."
"Great product. I love having a heads up when devices go down. WAAAY better than coming into work not know what's up :) ."


Customer Friendly Pricing

"Nice product with a set of features for daily basis monitoring with IT management. The Dashboards are awesome and the price fits well in my budget."
"Been using WhatsUp Gold (WUG) since version 8 and have never considered switching to anything else. The licensing model has always been easy to understand and didn't cost an arm and leg to implement."
"Overall, I give WhatsUp Gold very high marks. The user interface is intuitive and easy to customize. Also very important for a cost-conscious business like ours, the licensing and support are very affordable."


Outstanding Support

"Support has always been knowledgeable and helpful in resolving issues that I can't solve myself or via the forums. The product has matured over the years and seems to be constantly evolving."
"The support team for this product is amazing; they are very quick to respond and I feel the technicians that I work with are knowledgeable about the product."
"Ipswitch has provided tremendous customer support; one of the best vendors we deal with."


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