Fault Coverage

Why Monitor Only a Fraction of Your Environment?

SolarWinds® claims that you only need to monitor "critical interfaces" and they price their solution accordingly. That may meet your budget, but it’s going to leave you with a lot of unmonitored interfaces and a lot of potential issues. By the time you realize you’re under-monitoring with SolarWinds, you only have two options: you can either continue with this minimal coverage or pay to increase your fault coverage. But...

  • The average cost of increasing SolarWinds® NPM fault coverage is 65 - 200% of your original investment.*
  • When you upgrade SolarWinds® NPM you must also upgrade SolarWinds® NTA, which can add another 50 - 150%.*
  • And don’t forget to factor in the annual service cost increases!

This is why IT teams are replacing SolarWinds® with WhatsUp Gold.

WhatsUp® Gold’s flexible licensing provides a simpler, easier-to-manage license model. One device = One license, which supports any number of monitors, elements and interfaces on that device. All without any additional costs or downstream surprises.

*Based on MSRP and networks of 200+ devices

Tolly Group Report: WhatsUp Gold vs SolarWinds

The Tolly Group, an independent research firm, has done the comparison. You just have to read it.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"The unified dashboard is the best interface I've used and is definitely the de facto future of service, server and application monitoring. I love it!"

Matt Cline
Senior Systems Administrator
Optim Healthcare

"My responsibility is to make sure that IT meets Flexi-Van's strategic goals and objectives. With WhatsUp Gold I'm better able to succeed in my mission. I highly recommend it."

James Mercer
Director of IT
Flexi-Van Leasing

"WhatsUp Gold quickly notifies team members of failures without staff having to watch a monitoring station. We are able to manage WhatsUp Gold without it managing us."

John Kholmorgan
Network Services Director
Austin Independent School District

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