Even More Powerful and Faster

WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus has a whole host of user-driven improvements that result in faster discovery, more information at-a-glance and better performance.


Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

WhatsUp Gold is all about easy access to information and quickly resolving network issues. We've extended that paradigm to include Amazon® Web Services and MicroSoft® Azure servers. Now customers can monitor hybrid cloud environments with the same proven WhatsUp Gold capabilities they have come to depend on.


Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Similar to the 'split-second' graphs of our legacy versions, Real-time Performance Monitor reports provide extremely granular data for troubleshooting. These reports can be added to any dashboard and configured to display real time statistics for CPU, Memory, Interface, Disk and Ping.  View data on multiple interfaces per device. Pause monitors or export the data to Excel files for further analysis.


Automatic and Manual Failover

Ensure high-availability operation for your WhatsUp Gold server. Setup automatic failover based on specific event occurrences or conditions.  A manual failover option is also provided which is perfect for scheduled maintenance or planned outages/downtime.


Extended Visibility to Distributed Networks

A range of distributed features are included in most editions making it easy to support larger and more geographically diverse networks. WhatsUp Gold provides users with out-of-the-box capabilities to view centralized reports from the remote sites and provide proactive network monitoring across a distributed environment.

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A New Device Role Editor

Now it's easy to create and edit both roles and subroles for devices. You can even edit the WhatsUp Gold defaults. Assign the criteria for roles or subroles and, upon determination, apply specific attributes, custom links, monitors and even action policies. The result is faster on-boarding of devices and easy modification of multiple devices based on their role.


Enhanced Performance

We've added a wide variety of performance and usability improvements including more precise discovery, improved performance for devices with many interfaces, easier user management, faster mapping and reporting and improved performance for bulk device actions.


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