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Powerful, Cost-effective Monitoring for MSPs

WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition offers proactive network, system & application monitoring for hybrid on-premises and cloud environments through a single console with powerful dashboards and reporting in centralized, distributed & mixed client environments.


Proactively Monitor Entire Networked Infrastructures

WhatsUp Gold allows you to monitor any mix of networks, servers, storage devices, virtual machines, applications, traffic flows and configurations across Windows, LAMP and Java environments. Monitor both on-premises and cloud deployments from the same console. Track, alert on and report on cloud resource utilization and billing consumption rates.

Proactively monitor networks, traffic, physical servers, storage devices, virtual machines and applications with powerful and easy-to-use maps, dashboards and alerts. Our unique interactive map quickly shows your customer’s end-to-end network, infrastructure and virtual health, providing the context of how everything is connected and dynamically responds to interactions to give you the fastest time-to-answers.

Troubleshoot Faster with Intuitive Maps, Workflows and Dashboards

WhatsUp Gold streamlines workflows by letting you initiate management tasks directly from the interactive map or workspace. Easily switch between physical, virtual, wireless and dependency views to accelerate root cause analysis. Workflows are optimized, intuitive and initiated from the network map or easily-customizable dashboards. The result is simpler, more intuitive troubleshooting that lets you find and fix problems faster than ever.


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