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What is WhatsUp Gold 2020?

WhatsUp Gold 2020 is the latest revision of the perennial favorite network and infrastructure monitoring choice of tens of thousands of IT professionals. With the new capabilities included in this latest version, WhatsUp Gold is now easier to use and offers more at-a-glance visibility to more of your IT environment, through a single interface, be it on-premises or in the cloud, than any of our competition.

What is New in WhatsUp Gold 2020?

    • New for 2020! Customizable Device Icons:  not seeing a device role icon in the library that fits? Now you can upload your own so the map looks exactly the way you want, We’ve also added optional flashing icons to indicate changed states so your NOC or wallboard will be more likely to catch your eye.
    • New for 2020!  More and Better Reports: new reports give you more views of your network with fewer clicks. Filter live activity reports by device, see more details for all assets, see IP/MAC address details and more
    • New for 2020! Optional Browser Timeout: timeout for security or never timeout for NOC screens and wallboards
    • New for 2020!  Scalability Improvements: including better memory usage for map creation and improved link calculation
    • Public REST API Support – Introduced in WhatsUp Gold 2019.1,  a new WhatsUp Gold REST API includes an extensive suite of REST API calls that are available to all users via a dedicated Swagger page. WhatsUp Gold 2020 adds even more REST API calls for assigning, querying, updating and deleting monitors. This will allow you to easily integrate WhatsUp Gold data with other systems or your own scripts in order to create a number of automation use cases. Live documentation including sample scripts and a ‘test it now’ capability is now available on the Swagger page. Learn more here.
    • Network Traffic Analysis Improvements – A new feature lets users display their NTA devices and flows geographically on a world map while also allowing for more detailed name resolution. NTA will now use data received from wireless access points to improve name resolution whenever possible. This makes traffic analysis easier and more effective.
    • Cloud Application Performance Monitoring – WhatsUp Gold now has the ability to monitor AWS and Azure from within APM, integrating Cloud Monitoring with all the powerful features that APM enables. This makes it easier than ever before to monitor cloud-based applications in AWS or Azure environments.
    • Device Active States Report Enhancements – The Device Active Monitor States report has been improved to allow better filtering via monitor types, monitor states (up/down/unknown/maintenance) and all dates. In addition, the remote active states report will now report on states across multiple remote environments.
    • Live Activity Status Bar & Report – See exactly what WhatsUp Gold is doing in real time at the bottom of the interface – every status change, every alert and every changed value. Click on that bar to bring up the Live Activity Status Report where you can see all activity, filter it by type and severity and click directly on each item for more details. Not only is this an excellent way for administrators to see what’s happening as it happens, it also makes a great NOC display. See a Demo.
    • Suspicious Connections Report – Use Network Traffic Analysis to identify and reveal traffic connections and conversations with suspicious IP addresses inside or outside your network, allowing you to act quickly and take appropriate measures to correct the threat and minimize damage. A new IP Reputation library gives you control over suspicious IP address lists with the ability to retrieve up to date blacklists from independent sources or create your own. In combination with this report, you can also configure and send alerts based on abnormal user network behavior patterns.
    • Configuration Comparison Report – More easily view configuration archives from multiple devices and compare them side by side to see what’s changed and when. This makes tracking down configuration discrepancies much simpler and easier. See a Demo.

    For details on all new features and enhancements, please view the WhatsUp Gold 2020 Release Notes.

    How does WhatsUp Gold 2020 improve the customer's ability to provide proactive network monitoring?

    WhatsUp Gold 2020 allows the user to see what's up and what's down instantly. They get complete visibility to the status of network devices, systems and applications whether they are in the cloud or on-premises. Proactive notifications alert them to developing issues before users report them.

    How does WhatsUp Gold 2020 compare to the competition?

    WhatsUp Gold 2020 enables IT teams to monitor more of what matters in their IT environment, through a single interface than any of its competitors. There is no need to learn different products for different insights in to your networked environment. Proactively monitor network devices, network traffic, applications, services, wireless (including Cisco Meraki), virtual environments, physical servers, Windows servers, Linux and Apache, Java environments and device configurations, AWS and Azure availability and performance, storage devices - even HTML certificates all through a single interface.

    It also provides more 'at-a-glance' visibility to the status and performance of that extended environment. We know our customers wear multiple hats and can't afford to invest large amounts of time trying to extract the information they need from their management tools. That's why Progress focuses so much attention on making WhatsUp Gold the perfect balance of visibility and ease of use. WhatsUp Gold provides an interactive network map that puts everything in context. It quickly responds to filter views by device type or state or provide overlays showing wireless networks, virtual environments, cloud resources, network dependencies or interface utilization. Users can initiate troubleshooting and administrative workflows directly from the map to assure the fastest time to answers.

    WhatsUp Gold provides the tools users need to setup the dashboards, notifications and reports that best fit their requirements. They can drag and drop dashboard components, right click to sort, filter or change chart types and empower themselves, their teams or their management with just the information they need when and where they need it. Any dashboard can be exported as a live link to easily share customized views with any audience.

    How easy is WhatsUp Gold 2020 to deploy and operate?

    Progress focuses a lot of time and energy on making our product easy to deploy and operate. Advanced discovery capabilities that automatically place everything connected to the network on a unique interactive map so users can see their entire IT environment in context. They can then initiate troubleshooting and administrative workflows directly from the map to accelerate workflows and time to answers.

    WhatsUp Gold's discovery process automatically applies out-of-the-box or custom device roles to accelerate monitoring setup. Users up and running in an hour with immediate visibility through the interactive network map and notifications through email, SMS or slack of developing problems. From there they can quickly create custom dashboards just the way they want them. Once it's up and running, they can 'set it and forget it' until they need to complete an administrative task or react to a problem. That's why tens of thousands of IT pros love WhatsUp Gold.

    Can I migrate from a previous version of WhatsUp Gold to WhatsUp Gold 2020?

    Yes, Progress will support upgrades from WhatsUp Gold version 15.x and forward.

    Will I need to be on an active service agreement in order to upgrade to WhatsUp Gold 2020?

    Yes, only customers on active service agreements are able to upgrade to WhatsUp Gold 2020.

    Who will be automatically upgraded to WhatsUp Gold 2020?

    All users with an active support contract will be given upgrade access to WhatsUp Gold 2020.

    Why should I upgrade to WhatsUp Gold 2020?

    Whether you’re using WhatsUp Gold 2018 or earlier versions, there are a number of key advantages you can realize by upgrading to WhatsUp Gold 2020:

    • More features and functionality than previous versions – WhatsUp Gold 2020 now supports many features not supported in earlier versions of WhatsUp Gold including security features like Suspicious Connection Monitoring
    • Improved Visibility – WhatsUp Gold 2020 makes it easier than ever to see what your network is doing in real time so you can troubleshoot faster
    • Improved Interfaces – We listened to your feedback and we’ve made hundreds of improvements to the WhatsUp Gold interface that make it simpler, faster and easier to use

    How do I get training on WhatsUp Gold 2020?

    There are a variety of WhatsUp Gold training courses available on our Training Page

    Have the system requirements changed for WhatsUp Gold 2020?

    No, the system requirements remain the same and can be found here. However, please note that WhatsUp Gold 2020 now ships with SQL Server 2017 Express.

    Who can benefit from WhatsUp Gold 2020?

    WhatsUp Gold benefits a wide variety of IT professionals:

    IT PositionBenefits
    IT Directors
    • Ensure network reliability, capacity and performance to meet changing demands
    • Exceed SLA, MTTA and MTTR targets
    • Do more with less staff and operate within budget
    Network Administrators
    • Continuous monitor across your entire networked infrastructure, on-premises or in the cloud, with easy-to-use but powerful software
    • Leverage intuitive workflows, an interactive network map and easy to customize alerting, dashboards and reports for in-context visibility
    • Resolve network issues quickly and before end users call.
    System Administrators
    • See server problems in the context of physical and virtual machines and applications
    • Find and fix problems fast
    • Get push-button inventory reports
    • Manage Hyper-V and VMware hosts, resource pools and VMs
    • See your virtual and physical environments in context
    • Find and fix problems fast

    What editions of WhatsUp Gold are available?

    As IT and business requirements get more complex, we've made things simpler. WhatsUp Gold's enhanced licensing structure is designed to make it easy for customers to choose the solution that best fits their requirements. WhatsUp Gold is available in two editions:

    • WhatsUp Gold Premium provides both up/down status and proactive performance monitoring of network devices and servers as well as wireless (including Meraki), AWS and Azure cloud environments, and storage devices from EMC and Dell. The Premium edition can also be extended with add-on modules for Network Traffic Analysis, Virtualization Monitoring, Application Performance Monitoring and Configuration Management.
    • WhatsUp Gold Total Plus provides all of the functionality of Premium, as well as support separately priced features such as distributed monitoring or failover, and also includes scalability pollers, Network Traffic Analysis, Virtualization Monitoring, Application Performance Monitoring and Configuration Management.

    How do I evaluate WhatsUp Gold 2020?

    Download a free trial from our website.

    As a customer, how do I download the latest version?

    Customers with an active support agreement can download WhatsUp Gold 2020 via the Progress Community. New customers can download a free trial or request a quote or connect directly with our sales team.

    What if my service contract has expired and I want to upgrade to WhatsUp Gold 2020?

    One of the great benefits of having a current service agreement is access to the latest software features. To learn more about your options for renewing your agreement please contact sales.

    I am an existing customer with an Edition that is no longer offered, what will happen if I upgrade?

    • If you own WhatsUp Gold Basic edition, are under an active service agreement and download WhatsUp Gold 2020, you will be 'migrated' to WhatsUp Gold Standard edition with equivalent functionality.
    • If you own WhatsUp Gold Basic edition, are under an active service agreement and do not download WhatsUp Gold 2020, you will stay at WhatsUp Gold Basic edition.
    • If you own WhatsUp Gold Pro edition, are under an active service agreement and download WhatsUp Gold 2020, you will be 'migrated' to WhatsUp Gold Premium edition with equivalent functionality.
    • If you own WhatsUp Gold Pro edition, are under an active service agreement and do not download WhatsUp Gold 2020, you will stay at WhatsUp Gold Pro edition.
    • If you own WhatsUp Gold Total edition, are under an active service agreement and download WhatsUp Gold 2020, you will not be 'migrated' but will stay at Total edition.
    • If you own WhatsUp Gold Total edition, are under an active service agreement and do not download WhatsUp Gold 2020, you will stay at WhatsUp Gold Total edition.

    Where can I get more information?

    You can find more information about WhatsUp Gold 2020 at the WhatsUp Gold product page or contact sales


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