Q1: What is WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus?

WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus is the latest revision of the perennial favorite network and infrastructure monitoring choice of tens of thousands of IT professionals.

Q2: What is New in WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus?

New features of WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus include:

  • Monitoring visibility for hybrid cloud and on-premises IT environments including new monitors for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS deployments
  • New Real-Time Monitoring reports with pause and export features so you can resolve network issues more quickly
  • New levels of deployment flexibility with expanded distributed monitoring capabilities including more scalability pollers for even larger networks
  • New Managed Service Provider (MSP) Edition including the ability to monitor larger networks and real-time visibility features
  • New levels of reliability with enhanced failover capabilities
  • New levels of partner interoperability with strengthened relationships and tighter integrations with partners such as Cisco, VMware, Microsoft and HP.


Q3: What is the new cloud monitoring capability?

Now, WhatsUp Gold automatically discovers, maps and monitors cloud environments including Amazon Web Services and Azure servers. You can monitor availability of these resources based on an algorithm that provides more than just up/down status (i.e., ping) by factoring in multiple additional characteristics including virtual servers, virtual environments and load balancers. This extends WhatsUp Gold's proven network monitoring functionality to hybrid cloud and on-premises environments to ensure consistent traffic across all systems.

Q4: What about distributed monitoring features?

WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus extends your visibility with upgraded capabilities for monitoring distributed networks. Not only have we included a range of distributed monitoring features in most editions, we’ve also added free scalability pollers to the Total and Total Plus editions (five and ten respectively). This significantly extends your network monitoring capabilities making it easier to support larger and more geographically diverse networks. It provides users out of the box functionality with the ability to view centralized reports from remote sites and provide proactive network monitoring across a distributed environment.

We’ve also packaged these same features in a separate MSP Edition for Managed Service Providers to make billing and licensing simple.

Q5: Are there new Failover features in WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus?

The WhatsUp Gold Failover feature ensures high-availability operation for your WhatsUp Gold server. This allows you to setup automatic failover that can be triggered based on specific event occurrences or conditions.  If you need more flexibility and control, a manual failover option is also provided which is perfect for scheduled maintenance or planned outages/downtime.

Q6: What about the new real-time monitoring features?

WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus features new Real-Time Performance Monitor reports that are similar to the split-second graphs found in legacy versions of WhatsUp Gold and provide extremely granular data for troubleshooting. Other features include:

  • Real-Time Monitoring reports can be added to any dashboard
  • Real-time statistics for CPU, Memory, Interface, Disk and Ping
  • Incorporation into numerous WhatsUp Gold performance reports
  • Support for multiple interfaces per device
  • Different views determined by the data collected
  • Pause and Export support for offline analysis.


Q7: What about the new Device Role Editor?

The new Device Role Editor makes it easy to create and edit both roles and sub-roles for devices. A user can even edit and modify the WhatsUp Gold default roles and sub-roles should a different behavior be required when devices are discovered by WhatsUp Gold. Through the Device Role Editor a user can assign the criteria for what determines a specific role or sub-role and upon determination, apply specific attributes, custom links, monitors and even action policies. The result is faster on-boarding of devices and easy modification of multiple devices based on their role.

Q8: Are there any performance improvements in WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus?

A wide variety of performance and usability improvements have been implemented for WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus including:

  • More precise discovery
  • Improved performance for devices with many interfaces
  • Easier user management
  • Faster mapping and reporting
  • Improved performance for bulk device actions


Q9: What are beta reviewers saying about WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus?

Here are some examples of what beta reviewers are saying about WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus

“This is the first time I've dealt with a company who listens to their customers rather than being script readers.”

“Ipswitch has provided tremendous customer support; one of the best vendors we deal with.”

"The support team for this product is amazing."

“It's one thing to tell someone 'this should be fixed in xyz version according to the notes in our engineering JIRA' vs. 'It is fixed, I saw it in the beta'.”


Q10: Can I migrate from a previous version of WhatsUp Gold to WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus?

Yes, Ipswitch will support upgrades from WhatsUp Gold version 15.x and forward.

Q11: Will I need to be on an active service agreement in order to upgrade to WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus?

Yes, only customers on active service agreements are able to upgrade to WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus.

Q12: Who will be automatically upgraded to WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus?

All users with an active support contract will be given upgrade access to WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus.

Q13: Why is it named WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus?

Consistent with Ipswitch’s naming convention, this version of WhatsUp Gold is named after the year in which it is released and it’s relationship to previous versions. Products launched in the first half of the calendar year are assigned that year’s name, while those launched later in the year are assigned the following year’s name. This is a major release following last year’s WhatsUp Gold 2017 and is thus differentiated by the ‘Plus’ addition in order to indicate major improvements.


Q14: Why should I upgrade to WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus?

Whether you’re using WhatsUp Gold 2017 or earlier versions, there are a number of key advantages you can realize by upgrading to WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus:


  • Feature Parity With Legacy Versions – legacy implementations unable to upgrade to the new WhatsUp Gold 2017 interface can now migrate with confidence as WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus now supports distributed and failover features as well as many, many others not supported in the initial versions.
  • Improved Performance – WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus is faster than ever and puts less strain on your network so you can troubleshoot faster
  • Improved Interfaces – we listened to your feedback and we’ve made hundreds of improvements to the WhatsUp Gold interface that make it simpler, faster and easier to use
  • Better Value – we’ve made almost all of our new features available across Pro, Total and Total Plus editions and even included scalability pollers in the latter two. Combined with our unique consumption-based licensing, this makes WhatsUp Gold the best network monitoring value in the industry. See for yourself with our cost calculator.

Q15: Who can benefit from WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus?

WhatsUp Gold benefits a wide variety of IT professionals:


  IT Position   Benefits
IT Directors
  • Ensure network reliability, capacity and performance to meet changing demands
  • Exceed SLA, MTTA and MTTR targets
  • Do more with less staff and operate within budget
Network Administrators
  • Continuous monitor across your entire networked infrastructure with easy-to-use but powerful software
  • Leverage intuitive workflows, an interactive network map and easy to customize alerting, dashboards and reports for in-context visibility
  • Resolve network issues quickly and before end users call.
System Administrators
  • See server problems in the context of physical and virtual machines and applications
  • Find and fix problems fast
  • Get push-button inventory reports
Virtual Network Administrators
  • Manage Hyper-V and VMware hosts, resource pools and VMs
  • See your virtual and physical environments in context
  • Find and fix problems fast

Q16: How does WhatsUp Gold's consumption-based licensing work?

WhatsUp Gold licensing is designed to enable IT teams to better control complexity through an affordable, flexible and integrated IT management solution that is easy to try, buy and use featuring:

  • A choice of four software editions that combine our most popular features that give you the power to adapt to changing monitoring requirements
  • A point-based approach to licensing which allows you to configure exactly the mix of technology monitoring they need, with minimal, if any, unused licenses, and the ability to change that mix at any time without additional purchase


Q17: What editions of WhatsUp Gold are available?

As IT and business requirements get more complex, we've made things simpler. WhatsUp Gold's enhanced licensing structure is designed to make it easy for customers to choose the solution that best fits their requirements. WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus is available in four editions:

  • Basic – (replaces WhatsUp Gold Standard) Entry-level network monitoring software for IT environments of all sizes
  • Pro – (replaces WhatsUp Gold Premium) All of the features of the Basic Edition plus server and wireless monitoring as well as support for distributed monitoring and failover.
  • Total – All of the features of the Pro Edition plus virtual monitoring, application performance monitoring, storage monitoring, network traffic analysis and five scalability pollers. 
  • Total Plus – The highest-value edition that includes all the functionality of the Total Edition plus configuration management and ten scalability pollers.

WhatsUp® Gold editions comparison

Features Basic Pro Total Total Plus
Availability & Status
Performance Monitoring
Advanced Monitoring (WMI,SSH,HTTPS)
Wireless Monitoring
Network Traffic Flow Monitoring
Application and Web Monitoring
Five Scalability Pollers
Virtual Machine Monitoring
Ten Scalability Pollers
Configuration Management
Cloud Monitoring
Storage Monitoring

Q18: How do points and tiers work?

Our new editions are based on the functionality detailed above and licensing tiers. Tiers are determined by a point system, where monitoring and management capabilities are assigned the following point values:

  Requirement   Points
Network monitoring - Routers, Switches, WLCs, APs, Firewalls 1 Point per device
Server monitoring 1 Point per Server
Virtual Machine monitoring 1 Point per VM
Network traffic analysis 10 Points per Flow Source
Application performance monitoring 10 Points per Application
End user monitoring 1 Point per EUM
Configuration management 0 Points with TotalView Plus

Monitoring any network device, such as a router or switch, counts as 1 point regardless of the number of ports/fans/power supplies/etc. that are monitored. Each physical server, virtual host or virtual machine you want to monitor counts as 1 point. Each application you want to monitor consumes 10 points as well. As well, each End User Monitor you enable counts as one point. Configuration management is available as part of the Total Plus edition and it does not consume any points. You can apply configuration management to an unlimited number of devices as long as they are licensed under your Total Plus tier. One big advantage of this point system is that it provides you with the flexibility to purchase a set of points and use them across multiple monitoring functions (e.g., devices, applications, flow sources, virtual machines, etc.). You can configure your points in any way you like within your point tier. Here are a few examples of different ways you could use your licenses by tier:


  Tier   Example Monitoring Configurations
  • 100 devices
  • 50 devices, 4 applications, 1 flow source
  • 30 devices, 5 applications, 2 flow sources
  • 300 devices
  • 200 devices, 5 applications, 5 flow sources
  • 100 devices, 10 applications, 10 flow sources
  • 500 devices
  • 250 devices, 20 applications, 5 flow sources
  • 1000 devices
  • 500 devices, 40 applications, 10 flow sources

Q19: How does WhatsUp Gold 2017 help me optimize my monitoring licenses?

Just like server virtualization technology helped IT teams eliminate unused server capacity and become more efficient, WhatsUp Gold's consumption-based licensing enables you to optimize your monitoring license usage. With the unique ability to reallocate monitoring licenses "on the fly", you can monitor your applications and infrastructure more flexibly and efficiently.

Q20: What are some examples of what this means to me?

Any unused points can be applied to monitor any applications, virtual machines or flow sources at any time. This eliminates the waste of unused licenses. With WhatsUp Gold's point system, those unused points can be reallocated to monitor 10 devices, 1 application or simply used as a diagnostic tool to apply additional monitoring capabilities during troubleshooting. Uniquely, this reallocation can be done any time and as often as desired with no additional cost. In the following example a WhatsUp Gold user needed to modify their infrastructure monitoring configuration three times to respond to changing business needs. By staying within his 500-point tier, at no point did he have to pay for any additional licenses.



Q21: How do I evaluate WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus?

Download a 30 day free trial from the Ipswitch website

Q22: As an existing customer using legacy licensing, why should I consider upgrading to the WhatsUp Gold Total Edition?

Upgrading gives you access to capabilities like APM, Network Traffic Analysis, Storage monitoring and Virtual monitoring that used to require plug-ins - all at a significant cost savings. One thing that our customers are most excited about is the ability to deploy additional capabilities on the fly, with no additional purchases. For instance, you may have a one-time need for flow monitoring to diagnose an issue. With WhatsUp Gold's new consumption-based licensing, you can add a flow source on the fly with no additional licensing.

Q23: As an existing customer, can I continue to use my existing plug-ins and purchase new ones?

Absolutely – no change to your current WhatsUp Gold configuration is required and existing customers will still be able to purchase new plug-ins. None of your existing entitlements are impacted. However, if you are interested in accessing additional plug-in capabilities, you may want to consider upgrading to our consumption-based scheme. You will get more bang for your monitoring buck as it was designed to be more cost-effective. Customers with one or two plug-ins will realize substantial savings by upgrading to the Total Edition rather than continuing to buy individual plug-ins.

Q24: What's the easiest way to move my existing license to the new editions?

All WhatsUp Gold Standard or Premium deployments without plug-ins can be migrated to the Basic or Pro editions respectively. You are in complete control – you decide if and when to upgrade. You can also choose to upgrade to the Total or Total  Plus editions to take advantage of additional functionality. Standard or Premium deployments with plug-ins can migrate to either Total or Total Plus depending upon their configuration and their requirements.

Q25: How do I download the latest version?

Customers with an active support agreement can download WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus via the “My Products” link at the Ipswitch Community. New customers can download a free trial or request a quote or connect directly with our sales team.

Q26: What if my service contract has expired and I want to upgrade to WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus?

One of the great benefits of having a current service agreement is access to the latest software features. To learn more about your options for renewing your agreement please contact sales.

Q27: Where can I get more information?

You can find more information about WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus at the WhatsUp Gold product page or contact sales.

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