Monitor End-User Experience Accessing Applications

Assuring a quality user experience for your complex web or cloud-based applications can be a challenge. Issues with the application itself, the network infrastructure, security policies or even browser compatibility can impact user experience. The only way to ensure your applications are always available and performing as expected is to constantly test them from multiple locations and browsers.

WhatsUp Gold does that for you leveraging our iDrone transaction monitoring capability. It continuously monitors your key applications and websites and notifies you of performance problems. Just record transactions against your web applications or websites from your browser, deploy monitors inside or outside your firewall and start monitoring the actual performance of your applications, from your end users' perspective.

  • Automated, 24/7 availability and performance monitoring of your critical websites and web application
  • Monitors response times from multiple locations
  • Executes recorded transactions against your websites and applications when and from the locations you configure
  • Supports recording transactions in Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers
  • Alerts you, the application owner, and/or the appropriate technician if response times fall below specified thresholds
  • Captures the actual response time of applications for historical reporting, troubleshooting and performance analysis.
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