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Network Configuration Management

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Automated Configuration and Change Management

Configuration Management is available as an add-on to the Premium, MSP and Distributed editions and included in WhatsUp® Gold’s Total Plus edition.


Need Network Device Configuration Management?
Here's How WhatsUp Gold Can Help.


Network Configuration Backup

Avoid the negative effects of accidental or malicious network device configuration changes. WhatsUp Gold lets you implement best practice controls by automating backups of both running and 'gold standard' network configurations.


Configuration Change Alerts

Setup network devices to send an SNMP trap to WhatsUp Gold and trigger a notification whenever a configuration changes. Set up an action policy in our alert center to automatically initiate a backup, add/remove users or update firmware.


Policy Compliance Audits

Audit device configurations against a set of predefined policies to assure compliance with requirements such as 'password encryption is enabled'. Compare before and after configuration changes and get a text-based comparison highlighting differences.

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Do Network Administrators Need Configuration Management?

The impact of unintended or malicious network configuration changes can be significant. At a minimum, they can degrade network infrastructure performance. In the worst case, they can result in failure to comply with regulatory standards like SOX, PCI, HIPAA or GDPR and compromise network security.

Does WhatsUp Gold compare configuration files?

WhatsUp Golds Configuration Management feature can alert network administrators to configuration changes. You can run comparison checks against approved standards with text-based results highlighting the differences. WhatsUp Gold can serve as a centralized archive of authorized backup configs to expedite restoration.

What about new deployments of network devices?

New devices added to the network, can be simply deployed with a download of an archived configuration. If there is a problem, the device can be restored to a known good configuration, minimizing downtime. In both cases, this saves considerable time versus building configurations from scratch.

Does WhatsUp Gold minimize time spent on management tasks?

WhatsUp Gold supports bulk configuration changes for multiple devices. For example, many IT organizations mandate monthly password changes to secure their network. A bulk change feature automates this process, rather than changing passwords one device at a time. Bulk changes and other tasks can be scheduled to run automatically.

Can Alert Center send real-time alerts for configuration changes?

Configuration Management alerts on any changes it detects each time it scans its configuration database. Scans can be scheduled to run automatically to shorten the window between when a change is made and when an alert is issued. In addition, WhatsUp Gold can also alert on configuration changes using SNMP traps to its Alert Center.

Does WhatsUp Gold do configuration audits for me?

Configuration Management can be scheduled to run regular audits on network devices and document compliance with internal, industry or regulatory requirements. WhatsUp Gold automates the management of configuration compliance for regulatory mandates such as HIPAA, SOX and PCI with out-of-the-box configuration templates.

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5 Cool Things You Can Do With Configuration Management

  1. Automate Network Management Tasks

    Set tasks to automate administration jobs like running configuration backups, adding/removing users, updating firmware or changing SNMP strings. Not only does automation save you time that can be better spent on more important duties, it also eliminates errors that arise when humans undertake repetitive processes.

  2. Schedule Routine Backups

    One thing we've learned from today's high-risk cybercrime environment is the importance of recent backups. In the event that you are hacked and a network configuration is changed to facilitate an exploit, you are going to want to be able to quickly recover. Routine backups are a best practice for Configuration Management.

  3. Automate Change Management

    Use WhatsUp Gold's Alert Center to receive traps from network devices on the event of a configuration change. Setup Slack, IFTTT, SMS or email notifications so you know when things change. From there you can set Action Policies to backup the new configuration or you can run a change analysis that produces a text-based comparison of old and new configurations highlighting the differences.

  4. Define Configuration Policies

    Do you need to assure that certain policies are administered consistently across all device configurations? How about policies like 'use password encryption' or making sure that 'public' is never set as the read only string. You can define your own configuration policies with WhatsUp Gold and automatically validate the compliance of new device configs.

  5. Schedule Periodic Compliance Audits

    If you aren't currently enforcing best-practices for security and compliance with internal, industry or regulatory data security mandates, you should be. WhatsUp Gold comes complete with out-of-the-box, best-practice configurations that are compliant with mandates like SOX, PCI, HIPAA and FISMA. You can schedule automated audits of all running configurations to document compliance with these or internal 'gold standards'.

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