Visibility to Cloud Resources

Monitor, alert and report on the status and performance of every metric available through the AWS or Azure APIs. Cloud Monitoring is available in WhatsUp Gold's Premium and Total Plus editions.

whatsup gold application performance monitor

Monitor AWS and Azure Cloud Deployments

Have to support an IT environment that spans a mix of on-premises and cloud deployments? WhatsUp Gold automatically discovers, maps and monitors cloud environments including Amazon Web Services and Azure servers so you have visibility to your entire network all from a single interface. Track and receive notifications for every aspect of your cloud implementation that AWS and Azure provide through their API.

Alert on Cloud Resource Metrics

Generate a cloud dashboard that shows the up/down status of deployed machines.  Generate alerts on any parameter you can track. Store data in WhatsUp Gold to track long-term trends - something impossible with the 60 or 90-day metrics most cloud providers support.

Monitor Billing Rates

Compare all of that with a pricing dashboard that monitors your expenditures throughout the month. Get alerts when you've exceeded a certain run-rate or threshold on cloud expenditures. Generate executive reports to justify cloud expenditures.

whatsup gold alert center
whatsup gold cloud billing
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