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Integrate WhatsUp Gold with Anything

WhatsUp Gold includes a powerful REST API that makes it easy to integrate it with your own systems or scripts. Automate your tasks. Extract network monitoring data for use in other systems or let them make changes to WhatsUp Gold.

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Write Integration Scripts for any Requirement.

An extensive suite of REST API calls let you automate your workload by extracting specific data from WhatsUp Gold or inputting information from a separate system or script. You can extract current status information for use by another system, automatically put devices into maintenance mode before making changes, add or remove devices, add monitors and more.


Dedicated Swagger Interface

Learning the REST API is super easy.  The API is exposed through Swagger, a tool that allows a user to explore the API and its options.  By using Swagger, the user will be able to experiment with different APIs, understand what each API expects for input, and what it produces for output.  In addition it has a powerful ‘Try it out’ feature that actually runs an API against the live WUG server.  


Detailed Documentation

Between the Swagger page and a detailed REST API Guide, WhatsUp Gold users will never lack for guidance on how to create sophisticated, powerful scripts.


A Community of Inspiration

Looking for ideas? The WhatsUp Gold Community has hundreds of other WhatsUp Gold users taking advantage of the REST API.  Discuss options, share scripts and get the benefit of years of combined WhatsUp Gold user experience.

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Five Cool Use Cases for the WhatsUp Gold REST API

  1. Apply Patches Without Triggering Alerts

    A simple script can put a device into maintenance mode, apply a patch or upgrade, restart the device and then take it out of maintenance mode before moving to the next device. The result is an automated process that lets you automatically patch a given list of devices without triggering any alerts in WhatsUp Gold.

  2. Add New Devices & Monitor

    Given a list of IP addresses, a script can populate an API template and automatically create those devices in WhatsUp Gold with a set of pre-defined monitors. A similar script can also remove them which results in a simple process for managing large numbers of temporary devices or network elements.

  3. Display Status in a 3rd-Party dashboard

    Easily extract relevant WhatsUp Gold device status data for display in a different system’s dashboard or NOC screen and keep that status information current. This lets you leverage current WhatsUp Gold data in any system.

  4. Share Free Disk Space Data

    Provide current remaining disk space for any application to that application’s management system, allowing it to make changes based on specified rules.

  5. Extract Device Attribute Data

    Extract the attributes that WUG collects for various devices for use in an asset management system. Or, alternatively, input data from that asset management system back into WhatsUp Gold.

What could you do with the WhatsUp Gold REST API? Share your ideas with other users in the WhatsUp Gold Community!

View the WhatsUp Gold REST API Guide


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