Neverfail® Failover Manager

Managed File Transfer with Zero Downtime & No Data Loss

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Ensure reliable file transfers for 24/7 operations

Unified failover management for MOVEit Transfer, MOVEit Automation, SQL Server and Windows file servers. Failover to secondary and tertiary servers maximizes file transfer success. No single point of failure delivers 24/7 operations.

Safeguard against data loss

Heartbeat communication between primary and failover servers ensures zero data loss in the event of failure. Failover within a single or to remote disaster recovery site within seconds to minutes.

Simplify and automate file transfer operations.

Predictive and automated rules-based failover ensures continuous operations. Installed in as little as an hour for local failover. No additional hardware and software for load balancing is required. Apply Windows updates on MOVEit MFT servers without downtime.


Real-Time Data Replication

Data is replicated to a ‘hot-standby’ failover server ensuring file transfer services are always available.

Local and Off-Site Failover

Single datacenter LAN failover or if a site-level disaster strikes, Neverfail Failover Manager delivers rapid site-to-site failover for disaster recovery.

Automated Failover Rules

Granular and configurable policies provide run-time system remediation with failover/failback automation.

Manual Failover

Minimize scheduled downtime for Windows updates and other system maintenance.

Multi-tier protection

Option for failover to secondary or tertiary servers

Unified Real Time Monitoring

Neverfail Failover Manager maintains multiple synchronized instances of MOVEit Transfer, SQL Database and Windows file server and automatically monitors health of all application and system components.

WAN Acceleration

Neverfail Failover Manager incorporates WAN acceleration technology with real-time data de-duplication and compression that reduces replication volumes by up to 80 percent.

No Single Point of Failure

Neverfail Failover Manager can be implemented with no single point of failure. In addition, no load balancing hardware or software is required.

Flexible Deployment Options

Neverfail Failover Manager can be deployed in VMware (with or without vCenter access), Microsoft Hyper-V and/or physical to physical environments.

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