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MOVEit® Adds the "Convenient" to Client Services

automating banking services with secure file transfer

Providing Robust Client Services

Your financial services clients depend on you to handle their finances and give them an accurate, quick accounting for every transaction 24 x 7 x 365. They expect the most advanced of conveniences like being able to drill down from an on-line statement to see the check in question or using a mobile device to confirm that a funds transfer was received on time. And guess what? If you can't provide for their needs, they can move accounts to someone who will.

File Transfer Systems Can Add To or Decrease Costs

Much of the back-end processes that enable robust client services entail moving files between internal systems and external business partners. The wrong file transfer solutions can make life difficult and consume valuable IT resources. The more manual effort required to build all that back-end file movement, the harder the system is to maintain. So moving to the right managed file transfer solution can play huge dividends in costs savings while freeing up IT resources to develop new service offerings.

MOVEit Secure File Transfer Applications

Hundreds of financial institutions around the globe depend on MOVEit to accelerate their secure file transfer applications. They automate bill pay, money transfers, check processing, remittance payments and mortgage and loan processing - to name a few. Customers love MOVEit because it combines the best in management control, security and ease of use. Below are just a few of the secure file transfer applications enabled by MOVEit.

Remittance Payments

Transfers to loved ones in foreign countries pose unique challenges for file transfer systems. MOVEit makes it easy to quickly and easily set up temporary accounts for external party access. MOVEit can limit access to these short-term accounts to a 24-hour period. Financial institutions can also assure that no user has any visibility to any other user’s files or data thus ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

ACH Payment Notifications

Clients want to know as soon as transfers are successfully received. They no longer have the patience for a bank that won't post acknowledgment until the next business day. Moving notifications from a clearing system to the client’s portal to provide automated updates on ACH transfers made or received is a key secure file transfer application.

Bank Statement Distribution

Some clients still prefer the traditional paper statements. But the labor involved in processing paper is a huge cost for financial institutions. Moving statement documents to outsourced fulfillment partners for expedited delivery at a reduced cost is an automated process often facilitated by MOVEit.

Check Image Processing

MOVEit is also used to transfer check and statement images rendered by outsourced partners between systems to append to client on-line banking and statement portals.

Reducing IT Operations Costs

Of course all this automation has to be affordable and that is why IT departments love MOVEit. The system is easy to use and straightforward so you spend less time building out new workflows and on-boarding external users. MOVEit Automation’s web-based UI makes creating even the most complex tasks and workflows straightforward. Customers can implement even complex mortgage processing systems in days.

SLAs become easier to manage as well. MOVEit sweats the details like checking file integrity on pick-up and drop-off, automatically re-transmitting when there is a send failure and documenting every aspect of the transmission. You have complete visibility and a well-documented audit trail that even includes admin modifications to tasks.

Need high-availability? MOVEit high-availability cluster configurations and fail-over options assure business continuity at every step. You can also rest assured that the MOVEit system is secure and handles sensitive and regulated data in compliance with data protection regulations.

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