Secure, Fast File Transfer

Manager+Agents securely moves large files (>1GB) across large distances
at speeds up to 200X faster than TCP.


Move Large Files Fast

Manager+Agents is deployed on-premises, at multiple locations, to provide system-to-system accelerated file transfer across long geographic distances. Typical email systems max out at being able to send files more than 10MB in size. Manager+Agents is ideally suited to reliably transfer file sizes typically ranging from a few GBs to several terabytes and larger. If your business needs to send large file sizes over large distances as rapidly as possible, Manager+Agents is the right solution for you.


Centralized Control and Management

Manage complex workflows with visibility and control across global endpoints from a single, centralized solution. Manager software works with Agents installed on the sending and receiving ends to manage and track content movement and provide file delivery certification. Manager+Agents central database and policy-based architecture allow configuration information to be automatically propagated out to hundreds of thousands of endpoints


Advanced TCP-like Functionality

Manager+Agents uses Signiant's acclaimed UDP-based proprietary transport protocol to minimize the impact of latency and packet loss and fully utilize available bandwidth across networks. Assured delivery is achieved with rich flow and error correction protocols.

Key Features

Patented Acceleration Protocol

Delivers fast, reliable and secure movement of files over IP networks

High Speed, Bandwidth-Efficient File Transfer

Up to 200X faster than FTP and TCP with 95+% network efficiency

Bandwidth Management Settings

Adjustable WAN accelerator aggressiveness, bandwidth ceiling and floor ranges based on time of day

Automatic Retry

Check-pointing and resume of partial or failed transfers

Encrypted Browser Sessions and File Transfers

Up to 256-bit AES encryption

Firewall Friendly

UDP and TCP transport options

Certified Delivery

Provides digitally signed

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