Podcast: Have You Met? Orsenna

Podcast: Have You Met? Orsenna

We recently had a chance to sit down with Progress' partner, Orsenna, who has been serving WhatsUp Gold customers in Europe. More specifically, Switzerland.

Jean-Philippe Senckeisen is the General Manager at Orsenna. Orsenna provides supervision experts and integrates security products for businesses in the EU. Jean-Phillippe discussed in the podcast how they are providing quality support and implementation of Progress' (formerly Ipswitch) network monitoring solution, WhatsUp Gold.

Orsenna does provide support for WhatsUp Gold, but they are also a reseller in the French-speaking markets of the EU. This includes France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, as well as West Africa.

They also provide training for IT products like WhatsUp Gold. Interestingly enough, Orsenna has developed two products on top of WhatsUp Gold that actually helps with learning the product. The plugins for WhatsUp Gold are called WhatsUp Companion and User Monitoring Component.

You can learn more about the industries and IT teams that Orsenna is serving in the below podcast.

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