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Corporate Cyber Security; Here’s Why Your Company Should Invest in Managed File Transfer Published on 2/12/2018

It’s not a secret anymore – FTP isn’t the future for file sharing at the corporate level.

BW CIO World

Ipswitch to Expand Cloud Managed File Transfer Services Hosted on Microsoft Azure in Europe Published on 2/12/2018

Available in April, Ipswitch extends MOVEit cloud managed file transfer (MFT) services to Europe


Top Security Challenges in the Cloud Published on 1/30/2018

The cloud provides unique data sharing opportunities through a myriad of apps, but with more freedom comes greater security risks.

IT Europa


Ipswitch has signed ALSO for its managed file transfer and network monitoring solutions in the Benelux region. ALSO aims to grow the managed services side of its distribution business.

Euro Security

New Distributor Partnership Expands Ipswitch MOVEit and WhatsUp Gold Market Share across the Benelux Region Published on 1/26/2018

Ipswitch announced a distributor partnership with ALSO, a leading European B2B ICT marketplace for data center, enterprise and cloud solutions

Disaster Recovery Journal

ALSO Now Delivers Ipswitch Secure File Transfer and Network Monitoring Software Published on 1/26/2018

New Distributor Partnership Expands Ipswitch MOVEit and WhatsUp Gold Market Share across the Benelux Region

National Law Review

Data Privacy Day: Top 10 for 2018 Published on 1/25/2018

While the list is by no means exhaustive, it provides key issues organizations should consider in 2018.

Bankless Times

How easy is it for your system to get hacked? Published on 1/25/2018

Today, all businesses that have a website or use cloud technology are at risk, which is why knowing how to reduce this risk is so crucial.


10 bad habits CIOs must break if they want to see digital transformation success Published on 1/11/2018

These pitfalls can harm a CIO's value within their organization, keeping them from ultimately achieving their goals.

ChannelWorld India

7 File Transfer Challenges of Healthcare IT Teams Published on 1/8/2018

As patient services grow in scope, the risks of external data sharing would grow too.

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