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Business Review Europe

How will Wi-Fi and mobile networks cope with Euro 2016 traffic? Published on 6/13/2016

Millions of fans are expected to attend 51 matches across ten venues, presenting a huge opportunity for sports teams and stadium organisers to use technology to both improve the fan experience and increase their bottom line.

Business Cloud News

75% of Apps Not Compliant Under EU Data Protection Rules Published on 6/13/2016

The companies who have not met the required standards now have just under two years to ensure compliance, when GDPR comes into play in 2018.

Comms Dealer

Research Points to Strong Adoption of Intelligent Machines Published on 6/13/2016

Global research by Freeform Dynamics shows strong adoption of intelligent machines used for automating and optimising business and IT processes.

Fleet Owner

Of Thinking Machines and Transportation Published on 6/13/2016

Thinking machines are expected to perform duties far beyond merely helping transmissions adapt better to road conditions and thus save on fuel.

Silicon Angle

DevOps Increasingly Embracing AI Systems, But Security Fears Persist Published on 6/13/2016

Developers are increasingly adopting intelligent, automated systems in the data center as they seek to offload manual processes in order to keep up with the accelerating pace of IT operations.

SC Magazine

Ipswitch Survey Says 'Intelligent' Systems Already Affecting Business Published on 6/13/2016

Security company Ipswitch has released new research which has shown that intelligent systems are coming fast but businesses are ill equipped to protect themselves from them.


AI Investment Increases, but so do Security Fears Published on 6/13/2016

According to the research – which was carried out by analyst firm Freeform Dynamics – investment in intelligent business systems and automation is well underway across the globe.


60 years on, AI is transforming the world of IT Published on 6/13/2016

Recent advancements in connectivity and the IoT have triggered an explosion in the volume of data, and AI is becoming an essential tool in handling this.


Intelligent Machines in Business Bring Security Risks Along Published on 6/10/2016

Businesses are faced with the same old dilemmas – security, access and controls.


Cloud App Woes: No GDPR Compliance, Malware Triples Published on 6/10/2016

When it comes to cloud apps, about three-quarters of them lack key capabilities to ensure compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) new research has revealed.

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