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Network Products Award

Network Products Award Published on 8/23/2016

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Wins Top Network Management Honors in the 11th Annual IT World Awards

Networks Asia

Mitigating data security and compliance woes Published on 8/17/2016

Thanks to the digital revolution, IT is no longer a forgotten, back-office job and as a result, companies are able to operate without borders, seamlessly and effortlessly conducting business across the globe 24/7.

Network World

New products of the week 8.8.16 Published on 8/8/2016

An overhaul of the Ipswitch MOVEit Managed File Transfer creates new versions and newly named products


Leading IT and Network Management Software provider adds new managed file transfer products and editions Published on 8/8/2016

Ipswitch has announced the launch of Ipswitch MOVEit 2016 – underscoring their position as the industry leader in secure Managed File Transfer.

IT Business Edge

Optimizing the Cloud-Based Workload Published on 8/8/2016

Optimal performance across hybrid infrastructure is particularly difficult due to the plethora of systems and technologies involved.

Global Security Mag

Ipswitch Enhances Managed File Transfer Security and Customer Value with MOVEit® 2016 Published on 8/4/2016

Ipswitch announced the launch of Ipswitch MOVEit 2016 – underscoring their position as the industry leader in secure Managed File Transfer

SC Magazine

AI in cyber-security - are we trying to run before we can crawl? Published on 8/2/2016

Intelligent and automated systems are currently being touted as the next step in cyber-security to help combat the 'always-on' cyber-criminal, but are they right for us? And are we prepared for them?


SysAdmin Day 2016: Celebrating tech’s unsung heroes Published on 7/27/2016

Michael Hack, SVP of EMEA Operations at Ipswitch comments on SysAdmin Day

Real Business

Cyber security: It’s time SME IT teams prioritised defences Published on 7/27/2016

The worrying trend now is that cyber criminals are increasingly turning their attention to small and medium businesses.

Data Center Journal

Ipswitch reveals ‘six pack’ of top tips to help IT managers get networks holiday fit and enjoy their summer break Published on 7/25/2016

This ‘six pack’ of network health tips is designed to reduce stress and create that relaxed beachside look. It should also help IT managers get in shape and feel holiday ready before they grab their deck chairs and roll out their towels

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