Mar 21 2019

Ipswitch Reminds IT Teams of Importance of Bandwidth Monitoring with Release of New Buyer's Guide

With Today’s Levels of Network Activity Putting Enormous Stress on Enterprise IT Infrastructure, Bandwidth Monitoring Is Essential for Optimizing Business Processes

BURLINGTON, Mass. – Mar. 21, 2019Ipswitch®, producer of award-winning and easy-to-use secure file transfer and network management software, released the Bandwidth Monitoring Buyer's Guide, which highlights the critical need to track availability, performance and bandwidth usage of an IT network. The proliferation of connected devices, apps that connect regularly for no real purpose, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the general bloat of modern software, all combine to consume bandwidth almost as fast as it’s made available. This new guide highlights how bandwidth monitoring should not be overlooked while ensuring business processes run as smoothly as possible.

“Everyone and everything in our modern connected world uses bandwidth, which is often seen as essentially free by most users, and yet it’s not free for providers,” said Kevin Conklin, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Ipswitch. “Most of the time, this isn’t an issue, but when bandwidth suddenly becomes limited, everything slows down, and that can cause crucial issues. It’s essential that IT teams monitor their bandwidth if they want their network to function optimally. There are hundreds of tools available to accomplish this, but there may only be a few that suit your business. This buyer's guide outlines the important factors to consider with bandwidth monitoring.”

With bandwidth monitoring tools, network teams no longer need to constantly manually monitor their networks as the tool sends alerts when something needs attention. They also provide IT administrators better insights into which applications, protocols and users are consuming bandwidth.

IT network administrators will find the Bandwidth Monitoring Buyer's Guide helpful to learn the reasons behind the importance of bandwidth monitoring and how it works, how a network monitoring tool can greatly improve the security of a network, functionality to look for in the right tool for your business, the differences between DIY and commercial solutions, and more.

Network bandwidth monitoring helps ensure application performance, oversees network traffic prioritization policies, and saves money by eliminating costly bandwidth utilization issues. Ipswitch WhatsUp® Gold network monitoring has proven to deliver a low cost of ownership in both budget and management time. Customers get an at-a-glance dashboard and an interactive map for visibility into the status and performance of networks, servers, storage devices and applications across on-premises and cloud with a single network interface.

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