Feb 21 2019

Ipswitch Podcast Examines Artificial Intelligence vs. Automation for SecOps Teams

Cyber Security Leader Cody Cornell Provides Insight on Artificial Intelligence in Information Security as Guest Speaker for Ipswitch “Defrag This” Podcast

BURLINGTON, Mass. – Feb. 21, 2019Ipswitch®, producer of award-winning and easy-to-use secure file transfer and network management software, hosted guest Cody Cornell, CEO of Swimlane, leader in cyber security, on the episode, “Artificial Intelligence vs. Automation for SecOps Teams,” for Defrag This, Ipswitch’s podcast for IT professionals. The episode provides insight on the differences between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, and how AI is beginning to be used for information security. Launched and hosted by Greg Mooney, Defrag This features meaningful trends, commentary on breaking news and more, available on multiple channels.  

AI is beginning to take hold as a powerful tool for SecOps teams much like how automation has. But what exactly can AI provide that automation doesn’t already? And, it’s easy to get the two terms confused because they both run off the same thing—data. However, the differences are far-reaching, and it’s important to know the differences between AI and automation.

AI and machine learning are the new frontier for information security, and it's being done with platforms, such as security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), empowering organizations to manage, respond to and neutralize today’s cyber threats with adaptability, efficiency and speed.

“The threat landscape is forever changing, and that’s because people, not robots, are launching these attacks,” said Mooney. “This episode is packed with information on combating today’s rapidly evolving cyber threats.”

As long as there are people who can imagine outside the realm of what AI has been taught, people will always be the last wall of defense. Cornell believes there is far too much that needs a human’s touch that AI couldn’t possibly do accurately.

“I personally don’t think we will ever be able to take the human component out of security – either detection or response,” said Cornell. “To me, we are always dealing with people on the other side of this. Every campaign from an adversary perspective that’s launched, it’s launched by a person.”

To listen to Defrag This – Episode 43: Artificial Intelligence vs. Automation for SecOps Teams, visit: https://blog.ipswitch.com/artificial-intelligence-vs.-automation-for-secops-teams

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