Oct 15 2018

Ipswitch “Defrag This” Podcast Features Cloud Infrastructure Security Expert Brad Geesaman

Ipswitch Defrag This Episode 35 Discusses Cloud Security at the API Level

BURLINGTON, Mass. – Oct. 15, 2018Ipswitch®, producer of award-winning and easy-to-use secure file transfer and network management software, welcomed cloud infrastructure security expert, Brad Geesaman as a guest on episode 35 of Defrag This, Ipswitch’s podcast for IT professionals that features meaningful trends, commentary on breaking news and more, available from multiple channels. The topic covered, along with creator and host of Defrag This, Greg Mooney, was cloud security at the API level in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and how API security in the cloud is a shared responsibility between you, the IT guy and Amazon.

Cloud computing and virtual machines are in every IT team’s tool shed nowadays. That means there is a lot of private and proprietary business data flowing through the cloud via AWS, Rackspace, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. This episode discusses the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, how the API level in the cloud is shared and what are some of the ways that the customer can be exposed. Mooney also asks Geesaman where IT teams should be looking when it comes to API security threats and other places suspicious IP addresses are accessing the cloud and API calls. With cloud security is in its infancy, does Amazon provide any tools to help monitor the threat landscape in the cloud? Does Geesaman recommend any third party tools?

“Just like the data on your work laptop, you need to also be able to secure the data in the cloud,” said Mooney. “However, since cloud providers are providing the services in a virtual form, IT tends to overlook cloud security. The justification is usually because we trust that these cloud providers are delivering information security with their services, and that’s a common misunderstanding. If your AWS server is breached, you’re going to be hard pressed to get Amazon – or any other cloud provider – to take responsibility. Don’t miss this important episode of Defrag This.”

Geesaman has been a cloud infrastructure administrator, DevOps practitioner and ethical hacker educator for the past eight years. He has even more years of experience as a pen tester and network security engineer. He has held various roles at Symantec, MAD Security, CheckPoint Software Technologies and Securicon, among others.

All Defrag This episodes are available via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, SoundCloud and the Ipswitch Defrag This Blog.

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