Feb 02 2011

Almost Two Thirds of Companies Planning Cloud Investment in 2011

Ipswitch Survey Finds That 63.7% of Organisations Will Have Their Heads in the Cloud This Year

CISCO LIVE LONDON ─ February 02, 2011  Ipswitch Inc.’s Network Management Division, developer of the WhatsUp Gold suite of innovative IT management solutions, today released the results of a survey of some of its 100,000 customers into their cloud computing investments in 2011. The survey, revealed today at Cisco Live − Cisco’s flagship annual technical training, networking and educational event − found that only 36.3% of organisations are not planning any cloud investment, suggesting that previous fears of moving into the Cloud may have abated.


Cloud computing has made many headlines recently, although many have been reticent to move business critical systems into the cloud due to security concerns. The results show that security remains a consideration with companies looking to invest in the cloud and cloud based solutions are more likely to invest in a perceived safer and easier to manage private cloud as indicated by 29% of the survey respondents.


The complete results to the question “Where will you invest most for cloud-based services in 2011?” were:

  • Not Planning Any Investment:  36.3%
  • Private Cloud:  29%
  • Public (e.g. Amazon, Microsoft Azure): 13.3%
  • Mix of Public and Private: 21.3%


Monitoring and managing the cloud environment is as important as managing the physical infrastructure. Organisations need to increasingly be aware of the performance, security and latency of their cloud solutions. Ipswitch’s WhatsUp Gold can monitor and record the changes of workload, utilisation, and network traffic over time and notify administrators when these exceed specified threshold levels. With historical insight into how performance has trended over time, network and system administrators can take pre-emptive steps to reallocate workloads, augment capacity and maintain utilisation rates within acceptable levels.


“These results show that 2011 could become the year that cloud computing reaches the masses, although it is very telling that most prefer the idea of only moving into a private cloud first which is perceived to be easier to manage and monitor in case of any problems,” says Ipswitch Network Management Division President, Ennio Carboni. “Moving to the cloud means that organisations have to manage and migrate a number of business critical functions and applications to a whole new platform and then manage the environment, which can cause significant challenges to the IT Managers in that they don’t have a 360 degree insight into what is going on in the cloud.”


Ipswitch Network Management Division is a proud member of the Cisco Smart Business Architecture Technology Alliance, a group of companies dedicated to improving capabilities for customer architectural solutions, both across traditional architectures and in the cloud.


About the Network Management Division of Ipswitch, Inc.        

The Network Management Division of Ipswitch, Inc. is the developer of the WhatsUp Gold suite of innovative IT management software. WhatsUp Gold delivers comprehensive network, system, application and event log monitoring and management solutions for small and medium businesses and enterprises. Built on a modular, yet integrated  architecture, the affordable and easy-to-use solutions scale with the size and complexity of any physical or virtual IT infrastructure. From a single console, WhatsUp Gold supports standard IT management tasks including automated discovery, mapping, real-time monitoring, alerting, troubleshooting and reporting. More than 100,000 networks worldwide use WhatsUp Gold solutions to assure the availability, health and security of their critical business infrastucture today.

WhatsUp Gold was named Network Management Product of 2010 by Network Computing Magazine and earned the Network Products Guide2010 Product Innovation Award in Network Management. To learn more about WhatsUp Gold, or download a free trial, please visit: http://www.ipswitch.com/forms/free-trials/whatsup-gold/ .