Aug 24 2017

Alarming Statistics on Insider Threats Revealed in New e-Book by Ipswitch

With 74 Percent of Security Breaches Originating from within the Extended Global Enterprise, Ipswitch Recommends Security Strategy Include Insider Threat

LEXINGTON, Mass. – Aug. 24, 2017Ipswitch®, the leader in easy to deploy, manage and use file transfer and network management software, released the new e-book, “Insider Threats and Their Impact on Data Security,” outlining alarming statistics on how most external attacks are the result of internal threats. According to the most recent Clearswift Insider Threat Index (CITI) report, 74 percent of security breaches originate from within the extended global enterprise. Insider threats take place when a current or former employee, contractor or business partner with access to an organization’s trusted data, either unknowingly or intentionally, participates in activities that negatively compromise security.



“Typically, enterprise security focuses on safeguards to prevent hackers from penetrating the network and gaining access to data,” said Kevin Conklin, Vice President of Product Marketing at Ipswitch. “Although this is a good start, organizations often overlook the dangers of data theft initiated by an insider. This e-book helps to bring insider threats to the forefront to ensure security professionals are not neglecting this overwhelmingly alarming threat.”

Today’s top internal security threats faced by organizations include removable storage devices, users not following security protocols, users using non-authorized apps for work, links within emails, users sharing user names and passwords, assessing networks via personal devices and more. Insider threats are not just limited to contractors and employees, however. Today’s businesses often develop close relationships with third party vendors and partners that require privileged access to information. Unfortunately, cybercriminals often leverage this access to penetrate your defenses.

A secure and reliable managed file transfer (MFT) solution can prove to be an invaluable investment for ensuring files are delivered to authorized recipients on time while enabling IT to monitor and capture all file transfer activity. This e-book reviews when selecting tools to enable external data sharing, consideration should be given to capabilities such as account access, alerts and reports, integration with anti-virus and other security mechanisms.

Ipswitch MOVEit® Managed File Transfer allows managing, viewing, securing and controlling all business-critical file transfer activity through a single, secure system. MOVEit ensures secure and compliant file transfers between users, systems, customers and partners. For more information, visit:

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