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Setting Up the WhatsUp Gold Web Server

WhatsUp Gold provides a web server that lets you use any web browser on any computer on the Internet to view the status of your network and change WhatsUp Gold settings. You can enable/disable the web server and set access to this server through the web properties. If you run WhatsUp Gold as a Windows NT service, the web browser will be your primary interface. (see "Running WhatsUp Gold as an NT Service" ..)

To set up the web server:

  1. From the Configure menu, select Web Server, and click General to display the setup properties.
  2. Select Enable Web Server.
  3. If you want web users to be able to change WhatsUp Gold settings from the web interface, select Enable Web Configuration.

    You can set access for each web user account. (see "Setting Web Access by IP Address".) If Enable Web Configuration is not selected, the web users cannot change any WhatsUp Gold settings; they can use only the view functions.

  4. There are two formats for displaying maps in a web browser: Graphical maps, which use JPEG format to display the same icons and colors as maps on the console; or a Text listing of devices in a map. To view the Graphical maps, select Enable Graphical Maps.
  5. Enable Sounds. Select this to enable web browser sounds. If you do not want to hear sounds (like alarms) in the web browser, clear this box.
  6. Enter or change any of the setup information.

    Limit Size. This sets the maximum map image sent to the web.

    Main Title. The title displayed on the main web page ("Top View") for the WhatsUp Gold web site. You can enter any text for the title.

    Refresh Frequency. The number of seconds between updates to the WhatsUp Gold display on the web site. You can set the refresh rate in the range from 10 to 99999 seconds.

    TCP Port. The default is port 80, which is the standard TCP/IP port for a web (HTTP) server. If you already have a web server running on this system, set the port number in this box to another port number (for example, 8008 or 8080).

    HTML Files Directory. The default is the \web subdirectory of the directory in which you installed WhatsUp Gold. If you want the WhatsUp Gold web server to serve your own web pages, you can add HTML files to this directory. If you use a different directory, you need to specify the full path in this box. Subdirectories are supported. Note that default.asp and TopView.asp are the files the web server uses as the first pages of the web interface.

    Map Directory: This shows the directory where maps can be created, loaded, and saved from the web interface.

  7. Click OK to apply your changes. The changes take effect immediately.

The following example shows the main web page with the Main Title displayed:

Making Maps Available for Web Viewing

Any network maps that are open in WhatsUp Gold can be viewed from a web browser. You can optionally restrict which maps web users can view by setting up web server access. For more information, see "Setting Web Server Access" .. In addition, web users with Configure program permission can load any maps in the map directory on the system where WhatsUp Gold is installed. There are two ways to set the map directory:

You must restart WhatsUp Gold for the change to take effect.

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