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Editing a Network Map

You use Edit Mode to move device icons around in the map window. When you're in Edit Mode, you can use tools to:

Getting In and Out of Edit Mode

To access Edit Mode, make sure the map that you want to edit is active, then click the Edit Mode tab along the bottom of the map. The editing toolbars appear.

Note: WhatsUp Gold stops polling the network when you're in Edit Mode. It also stops Active Discovery. If either polling or discovery are active when you go into Edit mode, a warning box appears during the slight delay as WhatsUp Gold shuts down the polling/discovery activities.

To exit Edit Mode and return to Monitor Mode, click the Map view tab. The toolbars disappear.

Draw Toolbar

Keeping Tools Active

When you're in Edit Mode, click on a tool to select it. By default, the tool stays active for one operation.


To draw a shape, such as a rectangle, circle, filled rectangle, or filled circle, put the map in edit mode click the appropriate tool, and then drag on the map to create the shape. To change the default settings (line width, line color, fill color, filled, and 3D effect), right-click the shape (on the map) and select Properties.

Attached Lines

In addition to the freehand lines that behave like any other drawn object, you can also use attached lines.

You can attach a device to up to five other devices or drawn objects. To attach one device to another:

  1. Right-click the device icon you want to draw an attached line from.
  2. Select Attach to. The cursor changes to a line character.
  3. Click the item to which you want to attach the device.

To disconnect any attached lines that originate from the selected device:

  1. Right-click the device.
  2. Select Disconnect from the right mouse menu.

Creating Text Captions

You can use text captions to further identify a network map or segments of a map. Text is available in many fonts, sizes, text effects, and colors. In addition, you can specify an opaque background for the text block, which is also available with a choice of colors. Text blocks can be rotated a full 360 degrees (if you select a TrueType font) to address special text labeling requirements.

To add text to the network map:

  1. Click the Edit Mode tab.
  2. Select the Text button and click on the map where you want the text.
  3. The Text Properties dialog box appears. In the Text box, replace Sample Text with the desired text.
  4. Set the Text Color, Background Color, Rotation Degrees, and Font Style as appropriate.

    Transparent. If this is selected, the map background color is used "behind the text". If this is not selected, the text is set against a Background Color that you can change.

    Font. Click Change Font to change the font of the text.

    Rotation. Enter a number from 0 to 360 to represent the degrees to rotate the text. If you increment the numbers by clicking, you will notice the text rotating accordingly.

  5. Click OK.

Arranging the Toolbars

In Edit Mode, you can arrange the WhatsUp Gold toolbars any number of ways, on or off a gray toolbar backdrop.

To make a toolbar float in its own window, drag the double gray lines at the top of the toolbar to an area off the toolbar backdrop. To move a free-floating toolbar onto the toolbar backdrop, drag its title bar to the toolbar backdrop; to use the toolbar backdrop if it's not visible, double-click a toolbar's title bar.


Galleries are drawing tools to aid you in customizing your maps to look exactly the way you want. Depending on your settings, they are visible when a map is in Edit Mode. To change the visibility of galleries, from the Configure menu, select Program Options and click Galleries.

To add an object to the map, select it and drag it on to the map. You can move and resize the object on the map. To set properties, right-click the object and select Properties.

The Show Galleries box displays all galleries that exist. If the check box beside a gallery is selected, then that gallery will appear when the map is in edit mode. If the check box is not selected, then the gallery is still available, but will not appear when the map is in edit mode.

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