IMail 2006.1

Released September 6, 2006



IMail Plus

IMail Secure


  • You must have a current license key for your specific version of IMail 2006 to install version 2006.1. If you need help finding your license key, contact our customer service team.
Note: If you are using a custom ODBC.dll file developed by a 3rd party vendor, contact the vendor for information about an updated ODBC.dll file for IMail Server. Failure to update the ODBC.dll file could result in a message being misdirected or users unable to access their account.


This update fixes a variety of issues.

  • Fixed a vulnerability that allowed remote attackers to execute arbitrary code within the SMTP daemon.This vulnerability was processed through the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI), an initiative launched by TippingPoint, a division of 3Com.
  • Fixed an error in which, during upgrade, the install creates a host called localhost, causing registry problems
  • Prerequisite checker verifies that required software exists, prompts user, and gives location from which user can download the latest patches to ensure a successful install.

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