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Configuring Attachment Blocking Messages

Use the Message tab properties to create a custom message that replaces attachment body content that has been blocked. The message box includes a default message that provides information about the attachment that has been removed. If a custom message is not defined for the specified host, the default message is used. When an attachment is blocked and the Replace option button is selected in the Attachment Blocking dialog box, a message is sent in its place to the message recipient.
Note: Click Apply to save setting modifications.

Set options to configure Attachment Blocking Messages:


Message box:

Use the default message that is included in the message box or enter a custom message that to send email recipients when an attachment is blocked. You can include the variables in the custom message:

The contents of the message box are saved in a file named ab-message.txt located in the appropriate host's top directory. The message box text should only be edited from the Attachment Blocking Message tab and is limited to 924 characters.

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