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Logging On

By default, the SMTP service logs on to the System Account and starts automatically. You can view and change SMTP settings using the Services application in the Windows Control Panel.

To view and/or change settings for the SMTP service:

  1. In the Control Panel, select the Services application. The Services dialog box appears.
  2. Select the IMail SMTP Server service and click Startup.
  3. (Optional) Select the desired Startup Type.
  4. Under Log On As, select the account you want to log on to.

If any of your hosts uses the Windows NT Database option to register and authenticate users, the SMTP service MUST log on to the System Account.

If you want to see the icon for the service, in the Services application, select Allow service to interact with desktop. If you select this, the SMTP service will run under the current logged on user account. (Refer to the Windows documentation for more information.) The SMTP service will continue to run even if you log off. The icon will disappear but will reappear the next time you log on as the same user.

If none of your hosts uses the Windows NT Database, you can select This Account and then select the name of the user whose account you want the service to log on to. Make sure the specified user is a Host Administrator.
Note: If one or more of your mail domains is based on an external database, the SMTP service must log on to an account that has access to the external database.

Make sure you send several test messages after installation and look in whichever log file is logging SMTP, and in the event log. If the SMTP service cannot create the lock file, the permissions are probably set incorrectly.

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