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Sending Mail (imail1.exe)

Imail1.exe creates and delivers mail messages to a local mailbox or to a remote host via SMTP. (SMTP delivery is accomplished by the smtp32.exe application.) Imail1.exe is similar to the UNIX sendmail.

Note that the message must get its body from a file. When naming files, give the complete path and filename.

Imail1.exe currently has a limitation of the body size of a created message (in the editor only) of 32K or less depending on available memory. Final message size (including attachments) is limited only by available disk space.

Imail1.exe can currently create multi-part MIME messages with Content-transfer-encoding of binary and base64 and Content-types of text, multi-part and application.

Command Syntax

Imail1.exe supports the following command line options:
Command Option Function
-u "userid" Specifies the user sending the message (the From: field); quotation marks around the user ID are recommended.
-t "recipient1[,recipient2][,...]" Specifies the primary recipients (for To: field).
imail1 -s "subject" Specifies the subject line of the message.
-c "recipient1[,recipient2][,...]" Specifies carbon copy recipients (for the cc: field).
-b "recipient1[,recipient1][,...]" Specifies blind carbon copy recipients (for the bcc: field).
-f filename Indicates what the body of the message will be. Specify the file to send without editing (provided a recipient is also specified on the command line).
-i filename Displays an interactive Create Mail window which displays the contents of filename for editing.
-r Adds an Army "Registered:" header.
-a filename (IMail 4.01 or later) Specifies the name of file to attach (MIME format) to the message.

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