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Configuring the Finger Server

To configure the Finger server:

  1. In IMail Administrator, expand the Services folder in the left panel, and select the Finger service.
  2. The Finger tab appears in the right panel as shown below.

  1. Enter the options you want to use to configure the Finger server.
Each option is described at the end of this procedure.
  1. Click Apply to save your changes.
  2. After making changes, stop the service, wait 5-10 seconds and restart the service. Any changes that you make are saved as soon as you click Stop/Start.

Logging Options

In the Log To box, select the way you want to log Finger events:

sysMMDD.TXT. This sends event information to a file of this name where mm is the month and dd is the day the log was written. This file is stored in the Spool directory.

Server Status. A status message to the left of Start/Stop shows the version number, and whether or not the service is running.

Start/Stop Service. This button toggles between Start and Stop depending on whether or not the service is running.

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