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Logging On

By default, the Finger service logs on to the System Account. You can view and change Finger settings by using the Services applet in the Control Panel.

To view and/or change settings for the Finger service:

  1. In the Control Panel, select the Services applet.
  2. Select IMail FINGER Server and click Startup.
  3. (Optional) Select the desired Startup Type.
  4. Under Log On As, select the appropriate account:
System Account. Select this if any one of your mail hosts uses the Windows NT database to register and authenticate users.
Allow Service to Interact with Desktop. Select this to provide a desktop icon that can be used by whoever is logged in when the service is started. For more information, see your Windows documentation.
This Account. Select this only if none of your hosts uses the Windows NT database; then enter the name of the appropriate user account; make sure the user is a Host Administrator.
Note: If one or more of your hosts is based on an external database, the Log On As account must be an account that has access to the external database.

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